Learn more about our Winter'22 Cohort

We introduce to you a motley crew

Full of bullish goals, inspiring missions,

They’re doing things differently, changing the game

Bursting with ambition

Grace and Tasnim are building robots

Abi, the one and only

Andromeda’s using advanced technology

To make the world less lonely.

If you think using lasers and mirrors

To move energy through space sounds silly

That’s because you haven’t met

Aquila founders Nelson and Billy

Insurance is complex, expensive and hard,

If you’re like me yours is all in a clutter,

But never fear, Steph and Cass are here

To make insurance smooth as Butter.

Dennisson’s Anvil and Kimberley

Have shown tremendous hustle

They’re building groundbreaking tech to create

The world’s first wearable muscle.

Dexta’s Jack will never settle

With incredible execution, 

Changing how you book creative talent

With a marketplace solution.

Kirk and Kate understand

That parenthood can be full of strife,

Missed bills, appointments, shared lists, life admin-

Let Eggy unscramble your life.

‘Period’ isn’t part of the athlete vernacular

Runners Lyds and Est got sick of it together

Femmi’s an idea - a movement - a theory - an app

That will change how girls train forever.

Huey the bookbot’s an edtech machine

Helping children find books they adore,

Meena’s using machine learning

To keep them coming back for more.

Soundsmith is a creator marketplace

David, Gajan and Mike are on a mission

To power a music economy that creates

Middle class musicians.

Storipress’s Alex, Kevin and David

Are helping media companies to be self-sufficient

Enabling brands and creators by making

Content creation more efficient.

How about Joey, Sonny and Richard,

Tutero’s optimising STEM education

Personalising teaching and solving 

Student motivation.

Threatened species management is archaic

Researchers all in silos

A platform to preserve our wildlife - 

Meet Camille and Jada’s Xylo.

Visionaries, problem solvers, leaders and more

Ingenuous propounders,

We’re so proud of Australia and New Zealand’s

Most ambitious founders

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