Long-term agricultural risk analytics for every farm on Earth.

Agritech / Fintech

The global Agriculture industry operates on severely limited data - this data - is super expensive as it’s mostly manually collected, usually over the course of months where errors remain uncorrected

Everyone involved from farmers to investors to banks make decisions worth billions of dollars every year with insufficient information. This leads to billions more lost in bad loans and investments, whilst leaving many farmers around the world unable to seek the financing they need to grow their business. 

This is a $3.5 trillion dollar industry with an uncertain future threatened by climate change.


Agtuary is using AI to build synthetic farm records through satellite, weather & climate data, forming a multi-decade view of every farm on Earth. This enables everyone in the industry, from the farmer to the bank to make informed decisions by deeply knowing their past, understanding their present and forecasting their future. Our data and analytics are used to drive decision making informing lending, risk, investment and trade through a long-term understanding of climate and its effect on production decades into the past and future. 

Steve Bradley
Angel investor and business consultant
Hannah Walton
Rhiannon White
Chief Product Officer, Vend
Luke Howes
Partner at Tanooki Ventures