Transforming individuals, teams and entire workplaces through the power of psychological safety, making it simple, measurable and actionable to support culture and wellbeing.

Caas, Psychological Safety
New Zealand

Our mission is to see a new world of work which unlocks extraordinary human potential in every workplace, where bullying, harassment and symptoms of poor work culture are a thing of the past.


Psychological safety was described by Harvard Professor Amy Edmonson, and has been used for decades by high performing teams, like NASA, the military and elite sports teams. Google conducted a study on their highest performing teams and found that the single most important factor was Psychological Safety. Psychological safety is usually delivered by bespoke training sessions to hand-picked leaders and measured through a once off staff survey. Psychological safety promotes a culture where things such as bullying, sexual harassment, and burnout are recognized early and addressed when warning signs appear, enabling a level of safety for people to challenge the cultural norms and behaviors in a team. This results in higher wellbeing, performance and innovation.

After experiencing bullying during her training to become a medical doctor, founder of chnnl, Dr Elizabeth Berryman sought to find a scalable solution to be used throughout organizations. There was no solution available, so after 5 years of clinical research, chnnl was born. A fully digital and scalable platform to ensure psychological safety at all levels of an organisation, every single day. Employees download the chnnl App on their personal device and reflect on their day with a clinical validated 30sec check-in, this data is then anonymized and aggregated into themes and insights and delivered to three levels of the org - to the board level, to HR & H&S, and to the team leaders themselves through real-time dashboards. Through chnnl's state of the art machine learning models, are able to provide feedback to employees and to organizations on recommendations for change in small bit size nudges seeing consistent behavior change. The platform is also two-way, so the organization can respond to data and communicate with staff on sensitive topics like never before. The ROI for organizations is tangible as the platform shows clear measurements and changes in culture, wellbeing and employee performance. Working with organizations like high performance Sport NZ, several universities, global oil and gas companies, hospitals, 20,000 first responders and conducting cutting edge research with NASA teams to Antarctica, the world is ready for chnnl.

Legislation and societal pressure is driving change from board levels, and organizations are looking for a solution now. We are raising capital to execute on several large sale channel opportunities to take advantage of the market conditions which has filled our sales pipeline to $6m of qualified leads. We are looking for investors and partners to join us as we blitzscale this business who want to make a difference for generations to come.

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