Find A Helpline Connects People In Crisis To Free Emotional Support, Anywhere, Anytime.

Medtech / Mental Health
New Zealand

20 million people attempt suicide every year. With people increasingly turning to the internet in times of emotional crisis, big tech has a duty to keep users safe, catalysing government regulation the world over. While helplines are a trusted solution for social networks, search engines and online games, it’s time-consuming and expensive to manage themselves. This results in approaches that are full of broken links, difficult to use and lack global coverage. People don’t get the help they need and companies are exposed to PR and legal risk.


Find A Helpline is a helpline matching tool, connecting people in crisis to free emotional support, anywhere, any time. We help internet platforms care for their users by embedding support within their products. When a user shows signs of distress, we instantly connect them with the most relevant helpline, through our global network of partner organisations in 149 countries. Find A Helpline is the largest emotional support system in the world, and is relied on by the International Association for Suicide Prevention and American Association of Suicidology.

Lauren Capelin
Principal @ Startmate
Ajay Prakash
Founder @ EntryLevel
Mike Van Der Heijden
Founder @ Portal Ventures
Rod Hamilton
Cofounder and CPO @ Culture Amp