One place to manage your products & pricing. *Rebrand* - Opvia is in the process of rebranding to ProductEngine, our application Flexile will also be rebranded as ProductEngine.

Enterprise Software

Spreadsheets weren’t designed to manage products and pricing.


Today there are over one million businesses in just the UK, the US and Australia with trillions of dollars in revenue that manage their products & pricing in a spreadsheet. They come from industries as diverse as Telecommunications, IT, Retail, Waste Management and Air Conditioning.

And because spreadsheets were not designed for this they also use:

  • An internal wiki or intranet
  • Shared drive folders 

Then they need their products & pricing to be updated in an ever growing number of systems such as; CRM, ERP, Billing, Web Portal, Ecommerce etc

All these different sources cause chaos for staff and inefficiencies cause missed deadlines, increased costs and worst of all lost sales.


ProductEngine provides:

  • One place to store all your product & pricing info
  • One place that connects to every other system that need to know about it. 
  • One place for your staff to go for product & pricing info
  • One place with collaboration, approvals and tracking
  • One place DESIGNED to manage products & pricing
Tom Humphrey
Principal @ Blackbird
Mark Wells
CEO, Investment Director Cogent Ventures, Co-founder Chargefox
Dan Fleming
Investment Manager @ Folklore
Taryn Pieterse
Investment Manager, Rampersand