We are automating orchards by developing autonomous robots to pick fruit, gather data, and provide meaningful insights to farmers.


Each year there are over 1 trillion pieces of fruit picked by hand around the world. However, farmers face increasing difficulty in finding labour. About 10-20% of some fruits are also damaged by human pickers which results in significant revenue losses for farmers.


We build robots that pick fruit. They will be able to do this faster and with better precision than humans, ensuring that quality is improved.  Our robots are also modular and are designed to work on different fruits types. In the long term, they should be able to do other tasks on orchards, such as data gathering, pruning, thinning, and spraying.

Michael Tolo
Principal at Blackbird
Steve Bradley
Angel investor and business consultant
Mick Liubinskas
Angel investor in Climate Tech, co-founder of Climatesalad.com
Keaton Okkonen
CEO, Black.ai