Shipeezi is the horizontal tool that integrates the supply chain from point of origin to final destination.


When you have not received a delivery on the day expected - if you receive at all - you ask yourself why it is so hard for retailers to get it right. In fact, the supply chain used by the retailers is still quite fragmented and with little to no visibility of the products in transit. Retailers are paying an extra 50% in logistics costs to be able to perform a delivery and even when they are successful, the bad experience generated in each delivery makes 75% of customers unlikely to perform another purchase from the same retailer.


Shipeezi is the one and only tool required to simplify and automate information and product flow across supply chains. We integrated multiple sources of information and orchestrated the connection between them giving retailers full transparency and visibility of their products and full control to make decisions based on their own data.

Geoffrey Thomas
Advisor - GDT Resources Pty Ltd
Christian Iacullo
Engineering Lead, Canva
Ben Armstrong
Founder at Archangel Ventures