Our Vision Is For Everyone to be Empowered to Reach their Potential.


Nearly half of managers feel unprepared for their role and 87% wish they had more training. This means that one half of the professional world - the people who report to those managers - are not set up to succeed. 

It’s not surprising that individual managers experience three core problems: (1) confidence and capability gap, (2) overwhelm, and (3) lack of adequate support. Organizations struggle with skill gaps, inconsistent practices among managers, and lack of bandwidth and expertise to adequately invest in this key talent.


The Mintable is an empowerment platform where the best people managers come to succeed. Think: learning, community, and tools built for managers by managers.

We upskill aspiring and emerging managers to effectively empower their teams and grow in their careers. When we enable people managers, organizations see improvements in productivity, performance, culture, and team engagement.Our first offering in-market is a cohort-based learning accelerator that gives ambitious new managers confidence and capability. We are piloting community interactions and tools that help managers put key skills into practice. Our roadmap is informed by our customers and focuses on the growth, effectiveness, and connection of managers.

Oliver Berger
CPO @ Stake
Ajay Prakash
Founder @ EntryLevel
Owen Evans
Virtual CTO and coach at TinyVine
Cheryl Mack
National Head of Community, Stone & Chalk