Our vision is to enable any business to understand and serve the needs of their customers.


Customer bank transaction data is one of the most powerful data sources. It contains our day to day spending behaviours from all aspects in our lives and across all merchants. It is not monopolised by any individual institution. Open Banking makes it even more readily available worldwide. There is an incredible opportunity right in front us for businesses to gain the most in-depth customer insights in human history. 

But how do you understand your customers at scale when existing systems still recognise “transfers as income”, “KFC” as a beauty salon and treat more than 20% of the most differentiating transactions as ‘Other’.


Transactional ai offers customisable APIs that enable businesses to gain in-depth customer insights defined by more than just your standard categories. We focus on extracting customisable financial behaviours and add context to a customer's needs, interests and lifestyle. Our flexible enrichment delivers high fidelity customer insights at scale. T.ai APIs are built to be the only customer insight layer you will ever need on top of your raw bank transaction data.

Zak Islam
CTO at Linktree, Investor
Cheryl Mack
National Head of Community, Stone & Chalk
Tom Richardson
Head of Startups & SMB APAC at Stripe
Solai Valliappan
Head of Early Stage Investing at Tiger Financial Group