August 2nd-8th    |    Online
Liminal will give you the confidence and clarity to take the leap.
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We’re of the opinion that startups are the best place to truly scale your impact.

Startups are fast paced, highly rewarding and incredibly innovative. Startup employees can see the tangible impacts of their jobs and spend their days surrounded by smart, passionate and motivated people.

That’s why we run a range of programs each year designed for anyone, no matter the background or experience, to learn more about the world of startups and help people find their place in it.

If you’re intrigued by startups, come along to Liminal. It’s an immersive, one-week series of online panels, masterclasses and high-energy breakout sessions with leading startup employees, founders and investors. You’ll end the week with a better understanding of how your skills and experience can translate into a startup job, and new found clarity about what your future career could hold.

Register for Liminal now and get ready to shift your mindset and explore a potential career in startups.

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6.30pm AEST

Raise your ambition, with Up Co-Founder Dominic Pym

​In our first Liminal session, you'll hear an empowering story of failure, adversity and ultimately success from one of Australia's greats.

You'll walk away with invaluable insights into maximising your potential for learning, the benefits of an action-biased mindset, and why startups are backing the hungry not proven.
6.30pm AEST

Finding your anchor, with leadership coach with May Samali

For many of us, work occupies the majority of our waking hours. 

So are you spending these hours feeling proud of how you’re showing up? Are you truly having the impact you want to be having? What else could you achieve with your time?

In this virtual workshop, May will take you on a journey of self-discovery. You will walk away with a practical toolkit to identify your values, and fulfil your purpose and potential across the different areas of your life.
5.30pm AEST

Startup 101, with Stripe's Startup Partner Lead Jane Kou

What is a startup? What's the 'startup ecosystem'? What is a founder, operator and investor? What roles exist in startups?

​How can you break into this space? What are the risks and rewards of joining a startup over a big corporation?

You'll get the answers to all these questions and more.
6.30pm AEST

A day in the life of a founder, investor and startup employee

In this must-attend panel discussion, we'll dive into...

👉 The difference between a founder, investor and operator (read: employee) role;​
👉 What a day in life looks like for each of these roles;​
👉How these roles work together within a startup and build relationships cross-functionally;​
👉 The core skills needed to succeed in each role; and​
👉 What it means to deliver value for customers from each perspective.
6.30pm AEST

Making the leap into startups, with Square Peg's Jethro Cohen

​In this session, Jethro Cohen will draw on his own experience to unpack how to make the leap into startups.​

Specifically, he will cover:

👉 ​Where he started;​
👉 Why he made the leap into tech;​
👉 The core skills you need for the transition (spoiler: you already have them); and​
👉 What he would do differently if he had his time again.
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