Highly practical management training that you can apply immediately.

There is no job more difficult or important than that of being a manager.

Whether you're an experienced leader directing large teams or stepping up to manage your first direct report, it's likely that most of your time and energy at work is consumed by people-related problem solving.

The good news?

It doesn't have to be that hard, and the Manager Fellowship is your shortcut to success.

You’ll become a world-class manager in weeks: the hard performance conversations will become easy, 1-1s will be second nature, and your team will be set up for success.

Startmate has partnered with the Mintable to bring you the Manager Fellowship: A systemised management playbook to help you become a highly effective manager alongside a group of peers going through the exact same struggles (we’ve all been there!!).

You’ll get peers to soundboard with confidentially, experts to provide you with ready-to-implement techniques and templates, and workshops to implement what you’ve learned.

Cohort 1 applications are open! Apply below 👇

Program dates: 23rd October until 8th December

Applications close midnight, 9th October.

Price: $2,300 (incl GST)

EARLY BIRD OFFER: $1,990 (incl GST) before 1st September

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How will you benefit?

Bypass mistakes as a manager with 20+ hours of practice

It takes a lot of practice to deliver constructive feedback, have difficult conversations and coach your direct report. So this is exactly what you’ll get. After you leave this fellowship, you’ll be able to manage at a level beyond your years of experience.

Best practice management toolkit you can implement straight away

Proven systems and templates are your shortcut to success. There is no need to make the mistakes of inexperienced managers. We’ll give you everything you need for instant success. 

Friends for life 

Managing is tough, and there is nothing better than having people you can vent to and soundboard ideas with. You’ll gain a tight community of peers on the same journey as you, and will be given ample opportunities to build friendships with them.

What you'll get and why

#1 Practice makes perfect

🛠️ Workshops: Every week, you’ll put what you learn into practice with your peers in a workshop

🤝 Feedback event: In collaboration with our Student Fellowship, you’ll get the opportunity to give feedback in a low stakes environment. 

🥅 Personal practice: Set yourself a program goal to practice with your direct reports or in your squads. You’ll be held accountable to level up your management within 7 weeks.

Outcomes you'll get:

Nail your 1-1s and feedback.
Hard conversations will become easy.
Coach your direct reports, rather than fixing their problems.

#2 Best practice systems, tailored to startups

🔧 Toolkit: You’ll be given a full management toolkit with templates that you can implement the next day, from 1-1s to performance improvement plans to out-of-office handover plans. 

🎓 7-weeks of impactful & interactive content:
Through interactive content sessions with the Mintable, you’ll quickly up-skill to manage beyond your years.

Outcomes you'll get:

Become a prioritisation and delegation pro.

Build team morale and motivate the masses.

All the ready-to-implement systems that you need to manage.

Create a feedback culture within your team.

Foster psychological safety and trust.

#3 Friends for life

🫂 Squads: You’ll get a close group of friends that live near you to regularly meet up with, vent and soundboard your management ideas.

☝️ Manager fcuk up nights: Unfiltered evening where you can talk openly about professional failures as a manager (or managee) and hear from others. Trust us, it’s like therapy for managers!

😍 Startmate community: Gain access to the biggest startup community in Australia & New Zealand, filled with founders, operators and investors. From the Slack community to regular social events, and more!

Outcomes you'll get:

A confidential place to ask questions.
Gain close friends on the same journey. 
Confidence in what you’re doing.

Learn from the best in the business

The Mintable co-founders, Lauren Humphrey, Melissa Miller, and their team are the subject matter experts that built and developed this program’s content. They’re long-time executives and experts in management. The Mintable develops and enables ambitious managers globally through research-and-experienced backed training and tools.

What you'll learn

Week 1: Developing awareness

Problem: Now that you’re a manager, you no longer succeed by independently executing. You achieve goals by working through others. So, your ability to understand a situation and other people is critical to success.

What you’ll get: Steps to improve your EQ and set expectations to nail managing up and down.

Week 2: Set your team up for success

Problem: It’s challenging to balance being supportive and approachable with delivering difficult feedback.

What you’ll get: We systemise how you build rapport with your team members and give you strategies to set your team up for success.

Week 3: Feedback that fuels your team

Problem: How to truly engender behavioural change through your feedback

What you’ll get: The hard conversations will no longer be hard. Become an expectations setting machine, give effective and actionable feedback and create space to receive feedback. 

Week 4: Be an owner & delegate

Problem: You have a lot on your plate that you shouldn’t be doing, but you don’t know where to start with delegation and you don’t want to overload your team

What you’ll get: Become a management multiplier through delegation and accountability.

Week 5: Building your team & creating culture

Problem: You don’t know the best way to foster your team’s culture.

What you’ll get: Get the most out of your meetings, reinforce company values and create an engaging team culture.

Week 6: Tackle the tough stuff

Problem: You’re lacking confidence or competence to navigate hard conversations.

What you’ll get: The ability to embrace good conflict and manage ‘bad’ conflict, and lead through change with confidence.

Week 7: Maximise your team’s potential 

Problem: You’re not sure how to help your team progress and grow in their role and career

What you’ll get: Identify your team’s potential, develop your style and master motivation.


"You think you're going to wake up one day and know how to be a manager but you don't. I had nowhere to learn this skill set. There wasn’t a playbook or a network when I started managing people. But now with The Mintable, there is."
Brandon Boyle
Senior Sales Manager @ Brex, Austin
"I find both the pre-reads and the live sessions very helpful. I've been a people manager for almost 20 years and while some of the content is familiar, I appreciate immediately putting into practice what we cover. Normally, we learn about "how to lead" but The Mintable has been able to package it up nicely and deliver it in a clear, concise, and organized way. I really love the templates and how-to content, and deeply appreciate the reflective work."
Natoshia Clinton
Senior People Business Partner @ Hover, San Antonio
"Excellent, clear and concise content with practical takeaways. A real bonus was the opportunity to speak with peers experiencing similar challenges, build rapport and exchange knowledge."
Michelle Y
Head of Community, Sydney

How is this program different?

🦸 Tangible experience - You’ll get ample opportunities to put what you learn into practice so you can manage beyond your years. 

🫂 Friends walking the same path - You’ll gain genuine friends that are on the same journey. Soundboard ideas, practice giving feedback, vent your heart out. They will be there to support you.

📣 Cohort-based program and life-long community - You’ll follow an actionable, week-by-week program to unlock your true potential as a manager. You’ll join a network of leaders who to soundboard ideas off, seek advice and share relatedable stories with. This community will inspire you, challenge you and hold you accountable throughout the course and beyond.

🚀 Startup-focus - Effective management looks different in every environments. Hear from experts who understand the challenges, pressures and opportunities that are specific to the startup industry. There’s no need to second guess that conversation or question that book - all resources are relevant and tailored to your needs.

💡 Expert-led - The Mintable has spent years running courses that help teams and individuals transform into highly effective and efficient managers. You’ll have the unique opportunity to learn from subject matter experts who have lived understanding of management in a startup context, and a track-record of incredible, high-performing managers graduating from their programs.

👯  Lifelong access to valuable resources - Half the effort of being a manager is creating and implementing management systems and structures that will stand the test of time. Throughout the program, you will gain access to the best resources, “how-to’s” and templates that have been tried and tested. Better yet, you’ll have access to them for the rest of your career as manager and beyond.

Who is right for this fellowship?

1. Managers who want to become exceptional at their craft.

2. Leaders who want to level-up and simplify management processes across their team.

3. Managers struggling with a demotivated or underperforming team

What is included in this program?

🧠 Learning: Weekly sessions and workshops that will leave you with a deeper understanding on how to be your best self.

🤝 Network: You'll be surrounded by leading and high performing founders, operators and investors across ANZ

🧡 Relationships: We’ll give you the support, guidance and resources you need, but at the end of the day the most powerful thing will be the lasting relationships you'll build with people on the same journey as you

🌱 Community for Life: Once you join the Startmate community, you are part of it, forever! You'll gain access to our events, Slack community, and more!

Time commitment:
  • 7-week program
  • ~4-hours per week
When will the sessions be held & what are they?
  • Tuesday 5.30-7pm: Themed content and workshop session run by the Mintable. These sessions will run for 7-weeks and provide a crash course in management that will give you techniques and templates to implement immediately. 
  • Wednesday 12-1pm: Peer workshop to put it into practice and get feedback. From giving hard feedback to managing conflict, you’ll practice with each other so it’s easier with your direct reports.
  • Thursday ~6-7.30pm: Thursday’s will vary between social events to bonus sessions to manager fcuk up nights. These will give you the chance to connect with other managers and have a solid vent about the manager-life.
Who is this for?
  1. Managers who want to become exceptional at their craft
  2. Leaders who want to level-up and simplify management processes across their team
  3. Managers struggling with a demotivated or underperforming team
What is the cost of the program?

The program fee is Price: $2,300 (incl GST)

EARLY BIRD OFFER: $1,990 (incl GST)

Are there any discounts if multiple from the same company want to join?

Want to sign up as a group? Group discounts are available if you sign up with 3 or more people from your company. Email maisy@startmate.com.au if this is you.

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