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Are you ready to invest in the most ambitious early-stage Fund?

We have an unfair advantage. We’re not trying to return a billion-dollar fund three times over. We aim to return a $3 million fund 10 times over. And we've got the track record to prove it.


Raised $1.3M Pre-Seed to roll out insurance-at-checkout vision.


Raises $72 million Series B to help property managers, lenders and investors make better management decisions.


Raises Series A to take its electric boat motors global.


Raised $170M Series B to accelerate the manufacture and distribution of its energy efficient, long-range WiFi chips.


Raised $24M Series A to end the world's reliance on petroleum-based plastic packaging.


Raised $25M Series B to provide comprehensive cyber security risk assessments.


Raised $1.28M Seed to make the fashion industry more sustainable with their unique circular wardrobe.


Raises $30M in Series D to expand its bug bounty platform.


Raises $8M Seed to replace plastics with seaweed.


Raises $17.8M Series A helps people with chronic conditions learn to manage their health.


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Our Most Recent Funds
Investor Update

Startmate Funds continue to outperform.

If you invested $1M across our first 6 funds it is worth $10.29M (even after fees and carry). 10x. And still growing.

Not just paper returns. We’ve already distributed 2.69x cash on cash back to you.

This is not a once-off. We’re beating the top quartile of global VCs every year. We continue to deploy our investment strategy with great success a decade on.

We back the most ambitious. We back them early.

We were the first investors in Upguard in 2012. The second, Peter Thiel. At their latest round our total investment of $45k is worth $9.4M.

A 209x return.  

A decade on, Accelerators and VC Funds have come and gone. Yet, Startmate is still the most active investor in the country.

But we’ve expanded beyond attracting thousands of founders every year.

We also believe in the best investor and operator talent at their beginnings. Startmate launches over 1,000 Startmate Fellows every year.

And as our community grows both in size and value, so does our ability to unearth more ambitious founders at the beginning.

It’s a virtuous cycle.

One that will allow us to continue outperforming for the decade ahead.

Our Best-In-World
Track Record

Startmate Funds continue to outperform.

Source: Startmate financial reports as at 30 June 2023 & Cambridge Associates Report for Global Top Quartile as at 31 March 2023.



10 out of 12 years Startmate Funds are in the Top TVPI Quartile of Global VC Funds


Even in uncertain markets, the last 12 months the Startmate Funds have continued to meaningfully grow due to continued strong rounds raised by our companies.


We're not just writing up paper values, Startmate Funds are delivering real returns.

Startmate has invested in 220+ companies that are worth $2 billion combined.

Startmate's Flagship Funds


Pre-seed fund that invests in the Accelerator cohorts

Fund Size

We cap it around $3m


Every 6 months
Every year


500+ applications every cohort


Around 15 = Top 3% from Applications


Pre-seed to Seed


Follow-on fund that invests in the best Startmate companies post-Accelerator

Fund Size

$11m closed, $15m final size


First fund of this nature
Next fund in 3 years


230+Startmate Accelerator alumni, we invest in the follow on rounds of the best


~50, index fund of the best ANZ
early-stage startups


Seed, Series A to later stages

Our products and services are only available to wholesale clients. If you are a retail client, these products and services will not be available to you.

Check out our
track record

  • 50% of companies raise post-accelerator
  • Startups raise an average of $1.8mil. off the back of the accelerator

Join a community that will help you go from idea to IPO



We have over 3000+ of ANZ’s most talented operators in our community. Our incredible Startmate fellows are hungry to join a high-growth startup and ready to support you on your journey.



We have built an army of over 250 early stage investors who are inspired by your commitment to changing the world. They are here, ready to be your First Believers, and invest.



We invest in you from day one and continue to believe in you forever after. This is a unique fund in ANZ that automatically invests all Startmate pro-rata for our alumni, which means you can go into your fundraising conversations already knowing you have the Startmate pro-rata committed

Apply for the upcoming
Startmate Accelerator

If you’re ready to move faster than you ever thought possible, build a better product with more users, and get the best platform in ANZ to raise capital, apply for the Startmate Accelerator. 


Program Dates: JULY 22–OCT 18 (12 WEEKS)


Applications Close: 11:59PM MAY 26

What you’ll get out of the Accelerator 
  1. Investment: We invest AUD 120k in each company so that all your energy is focused on building your startup.
  2. Founder friends: You’ll be surrounded by a cohort of equally ambitious founders on the same journey.
  3. Pitch perfect: We’ll tear your pitch deck to shreds and by the end of the Accelerator you’ll have a bulletproof deck ready for investors.
  4. Launch your startup to the world: Pitch your startup to an audience of thousands at Demo Day.
  5. A product people want: You’ll spend 12 weeks laser-focused on your customer, how you can improve your product and the results to drive meaningful growth
  6. Mentorship: You’ll be partnered with ANZ’s most successful founders, operators and investors who have skin in the game and will run through brick walls to see you succeed 
  7. SME: We’ll connect you with subject matter experts who can provide tailored industry advice on how to approach your business
  8. Community: You’ll gain access to ANZ’s largest startup community of founders, operators and investors who are ready to support you on your journey.  
  9. World-class talent pool: Within our 2000+ startmate fellowship alumni are the hires you need to take your startup to the next level at your fingertips: pre-vetted, upskilled, and hungry to join a high-growth startup. 
  10. The best platform in ANZ to raise capital: Having the Startmate brand behind you will be a stamp of approval to every potential investor or employee you meet.