A program for people who want to have an outsized impact on the climate crisis.

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Want to work on something that matters? Determined to solve the biggest, hairiest problem of our generation? Unsure how you can have the biggest impact? 

Find your fit with the Climate Tech Fellowship. Turn your passion into action.

Whether you want to land a job, solve a problem, deeply understand the climate landscape, or build a network of people wanting to do the same – you will get this and much more.

The Climate Tech Fellowship will help you find your fit. Over the 8-weeks, you will: 

  • Identify the industries and problems you’re most passionate about.
  • Learn how to transfer your skills to work on them.
  • Connect with startups, jobs and industry leaders.
  • Gain lifelong friends along the way that are equally as passionate.

Cohort 2 applications are open!

The Fellowship will run from 16 October - 8 December.

Cohort 2 applications close Monday 25th September, 11:59pm AEST

Price: $2,200 (incl GST)

How will you benefit?

1. Land a job in climate

You’ll gain a deep understanding of each sector and how to leverage your skillset, to find where you can have the most impact on the climate.  Walk away with connections to  some of the most iconic climate startups in Australia and New Zealand and the tools to start your career in climate. 

2. Go deep on the most pressing problems facing our generation

Become an expert by deep diving into climate problems with leaders across the climate spectrum: from corporations, to think tanks and startup founders. This isn’t just passive learning: this is you uncovering and truly understanding industry’s greatest pain points. On top of this, each week we’ll introduce different climate tech themes where you’ll hear from leaders across ANZ and learn how startups are using revolutionary technology to fight climate change. 

3. Join a climate army of lifelong allies on a mission to solve the climate crisis   

We’ll surround you with climate tech founders, operators and investors and, most importantly, an exceptional group of like-minded peers to build friendships with. The innovation, passion and boundless belief in this mission will inspire you to pursue a meaningful career path in line with your values. Think regular in-person meetups with a small group, social events, virtual industry exploration nights, and site visits to top startups – all designed to expose you to the inspirational minds in ANZ’s climate tech space.

Why now?

Natural disasters and devastation have become the norm. The world is burning and we’re not even close to meeting targets. 

But no clear pathway currently exists to turn this reality around. 

The Climate Tech Fellowship was created to defy pessimism and inspire people to be a part of the solution.

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Does this sound like you?

💡 You’re passionate about solving climate change, but not sure where to start

🤔 You’re working in consulting, corporates or industry, and are fed up with the lack of progress 

🧪 Or, you’re in STEM and want to apply your skills to climate

The cohort size will be limited to 150 and is for people who intend to work in Australia or New Zealand in the near future (e.g. within the next 6-12 months).

Why this program?

Land a job in climate

There’s no one place to carve out your niche in the climate tech space. Where do you go to find jobs? How can you translate your skills for climate good? How do you even begin to understand the problems that industries are facing?

What's in the program

🔓 Meet startups: Get access to climate tech startups through Site Visits and Industry Exploration Nights. Come forge connections with leaders and operators across the climate spectrum where you can unearth insights about their companies, broaden your climate network, and uncover both present and potential job opportunities. Here’s your chance to go beyond standard networking events.

Connect with jobs: Gain an insight into climate jobs by tapping into our Talent Engine and joining an active community of well-connected fellows, leaders and mentors who are all driven to accelerate the climate tech revolution! The Talent Engine is Startmate’s solution to linking talented individuals to exceptional startups, and our team work hard to find the best talent for our startups–and that’s YOU.

🔍 Find your fit: Delve into sessions and workshops that explore what startup stages or roles you’re excited by, and how to translate your skillset into climate roles. We’ll help you figure out what roles align with your values.

👂Learn from those a step ahead: Hear from people–just like you–who made the leap into climate tech startups. Learn how they discovered their passions and put theory into practice in workshops.

Go deep on the most pressing problems facing our generation

The climate crisis is complex – how do you discover what you’re passionate about? How can you have the biggest impact? What should you focus on?

What's in the program

🌊 Industry themes: Each week, we'll immerse you in a diverse mosaic of climate themes. Get excited for riveting panel discussions, hot fireside chats, and interactive Q&A sessions, all featuring climate pioneers in ANZ. 

❤️ Workshops to deep dive into the most pressing problems: Come prepared to delve into the problem spaces that matter most. Work alongside industry leaders, think tanks, climate veterans and startup founders to uncover insights that challenge the status quo. Your 'passion problem' awaits discovery through sessions that empower, workshops that ignite, and self-driven exploration.

🧭 Climate toolkit: Let us be your compass as you navigate the wide world of climate tech. Alongside each week’s climate theme, we’ll share tailored resources that bring you up to date with the latest research, leading opinions and biggest challenges

Join a climate army of lifelong allies on a mission to solve the climate crisis

You want to be surrounded by people who care about this problem too–to grow your climate network–but where do you go? How do you find the best people out there, who want to tackle the biggest challenges? How can you connect with leaders in this space?

What's in the program

🚀 Social events: Ignite your journey with an electrifying blend of real-world and virtual connections. Immerse yourself in an abundance of in-person and online social events designed to foster connection and camaraderie. 

👪 Squads: You’ll get a close group of friends that live near you to regularly meet up with. Picture yourself mingling, swapping insights, and forging bonds with like-minded souls.

🪴 Climate network: Not only will you journey alongside your cohort, you’ll also join our rapidly growing Climate Tech community of past fellows and gracious advisors. Connect with innovators, change-makers, and trailblazers who share your passion for shaping a sustainable future.

🪄 The magic doesn't stop there. Throughout the program, there are countless opportunities to meet your fellow and past fellows, as well as the broader Startmate community.

Proudly supported by Boundless Earth

Boundless Earth’s mission is to ensure Australia is on track to become a renewable energy superpower by 2030. Boundless Earth deploys philanthropy, investment and direct advocacy to achieve its goal. Boundless Earth is a non-profit organisation backed by Mike Cannon-Brookes as part of his $1.5B climate pledge committed in 2021.

"Boundless Earth backs Startmate to recruit the next wave of ambitious innovators into the climate tech sector" internal blog here.


What is Climate Tech?

Climate technologies are those that are designed for the main purpose of combating climate change. They can range from SaaS- to hardware- solutions and across the broad spectrum of climate.

What’s included?

🧠 Learning: Weekly sessions and workshops with industry leaders across the different sectors of climate tech plus workshops to help you land your dream job in climate or found your own startup

🏭 Industry Exploration Nights: Evening sessions dedicated to meeting and discussing climate tech industries in small groups with leaders in the space

👷 Site Visits: Visit companies and see firsthand what they are building

💡 Problems Into Opportunities: Sessions and workshops designed to foster deep and probing discussions into problem spaces alongside industry leaders, experts and startup founders

📚 Resource Bank: A comprehensive resource bank built in collaboration with our network

🤝 Network: You'll be surrounded by leading climate tech founders, operators and investors across ANZ as well as the most passionate and inspirational fellows out there

💚 Mateships: We’ll give you the support, guidance and resources you need, but at the end of the day the most powerful thing will be the lasting relationships you'll build with people on the same journey as you

🌱 Community for Life: Once you join the Startmate community, you are part of it, forever! You'll gain access to our events, Slack community, and more!

Who is right for this fellowship?

1. People in corporates, consultancies, policy and industry who are passionate about solving the climate crisis
2. People with technical backgrounds who are keen to break into startups and use their skills to combat climate change
3. Startup operators and early-stage founders who are looking to get into the climate space
4. Anyone itching to have an outsized impact on the climate crisis

How can I contribute if I'm not a fellow?

If you are interested in contributing to the Climate Fellowship (e.g. expert advisor, guest speaker, sponsorship/partnership), we’d love to hear from you. Fill out this EOI form and we’ll be in touch.

What is the program cost?

$2200 (incl. GST)

What is the time commitment?

8-week program
~4-5 hours per week

What will the sessions look like?

The Fellowship will be delivered remotely and primarily outside of standard business hours, and there will be in-person offerings and other opportunities in major cities.

Are there group discounts?

Want to join this program with your team members? Reach out to Kaya to discuss (kaya@startmate.com.au)

Apply for the Startmate Climate Tech Fellowship

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