We help exceptional people build iconic companies

We are backed by the most powerful community of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in Australia and New Zealand.

Since our inception, we have invested in 150+ startups with a combined valuation of more than $1.87 billion.

The Story

Startmate was created in 2011 when there was latent creativity and potential in Australia, but no venture capital or accelerators to support it.

So, Niki Scevak (who would go on to found Blackbird Ventures) and a bunch of successful founders (including Mike and Scott from Atlassian) put their money where their mouths were. Everyone invested $10k into a micro fund to invest in the next generation of early-stage founders, and started building a community of successful founders to support them.

Nowadays, we run two Accelerator cohorts a year and have a world-class community of VCs, mentors and alumni who share our vision, all of whom invest their own time and money into each cohort. To date we have invested in 150+ startups.

The Fellowship was born to create pathways for the super ambitious and misunderstood. Empowering the hungry, not the proven, the Fellowship supports the community by empowering and developing a pool of talent that will accelerate startup growth.

We want all Startmate's Fellowships to play a critical role in the growth of the Australian and New Zealand tech ecosystem. We provide pathways for the most ambitious operators into the Narnia of iconic Australian and Kiwi startups.

We challenge and support the ecosystem to think bigger. Our mission is to create a prosperous country as the world progresses.

Startmate Team
Sascha Kerbert
Head of Accelerator
Sophia Witherington
Head of Fellowship
Phoebe Pincus
Chief of Staff
Brady Flockart
Senior Investor Associate
Cristabel Gekas
Women Fellowship Associate
Euwyn Goh
Accelerator Associate
Cameron Ensor
Student Fellowship Associate
Bronte McHenry
Outreach and Events Associate
Anubhav Ghosh
Launch Ops
Ryan Walker
Community and Partnerships

Our values


Belief: We believe in people full-heartedly

We’re a firehose of belief in people and their ambitions. We’re a community of seamless, deserved trust and transparency. Startmate is the place to find yourself and your people, wild dreams and to pay it forward.


Startup: We’re a customer-focused startup

With our unconditional belief in people, everything we do is customer-first. We approach life with a hospitality mindset, working with founders, operators and investors. We don’t shy away from unpolished experimentation, and we lean into the chaos and thrive on feedback.


Future: We’re building an ambitious future

We’re mission-driven to create a world we’re proud to raise our kids in, and approach this massive goal with playfulness and fun.

Life @ Startmate

LaunchVic is powering Startmate to boost entrepreneurial activity, angel investment and talent development across the Victorian startup ecosystem over the next three years.
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