Startmate is a mentor-driven seed fund and accelerator

For founders and mentors, the Startmate network is powerful and uplifting: once plugged in, you can access some of the best startup knowledge in Australia and New Zealand.

Startmate Mentors invest their own time and money.

Unlike any other program in the world, our mentors invest their own money into each cohort’s Startmate Fund.

This pool includes Australia and New Zealand’s top VC firms: Blackbird, Grok, Square Peg, Rampersand, Tempus Partners, Giant Leap Fund, Skip Capital and Eleanor Ventures.

The Startmate fund then invests $75k (at your latest valuation or 7.5%) in each team. Each mentor’s investment is split across all teams in the cohort.

The magic is that everyone in Startmate is incentivised to work together and provide as much value as possible to all teams in the cohort.

Your success is our success.


Mentors invest time and money to help startups 


Enabling those startups to achieve success 


Resulting in a greater return on mentors’ time and money 



and become mentors themselves… and so on

Further enabling startups to achieve success 


Leading to continued and increased investment 

How do I become a Startmate mentor?

If you are interested in becoming a Startmate Mentor, we ask you to first join our Startmate Supporter list.

We share our Supporters list with each cohort to give them access to the knowledge that exists within our wider community.

Periodically, the Startmate team will review our Supporter list and determine whether you might make a good fit as a Startmate Mentor.

Our cycle of success relies on Startmate maintaining very high calibre mentors, so to become a Startmate Mentor you must meet one of the following criteria:


Previously founded a company and led it past Series A fundraising, or bootstrapped revenue beyond $1m ARR


Invests in 2+ early-stage start-ups each year and has invested >$500k previously


Previously established a business unit within a seed-stage start-up that is now valued at >$10M or lead the expansion of a startup to a new country
Matthew Tracey
Palantir Technologies
Kate Morris
Adore Beauty
Kylie Frazer
Flying Fox Ventures