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Sophia Witherington
August 17, 2020
Annabelle Scott, Winter20 Fellow

Hear from one of our recent Fellow alumni - Annabelle Scott - who joined us from PwC and has now started her new job at Tempus Partners. Applications for our current Fellowship program are now closed!

Annabelle is a qualified Chartered Accountant and worked at PwC for five years as a manager in the Forensic investigations team. In July 2020, Annabelle joined  Venture capital firm, Tempus Partners as the Investment Operations Manager. Annabelle oversees all the operational aspects of Tempus’ funds, including finance, compliance, portfolio management and internal operations.

What is The Fellowship to you?

I joined the Fellowship because I was at an inflection point in my career. I wanted to make a move into the start-up ecosystem but did not know what type of role/industry/size and stage of business I would be best suited to.

The Fellowship was a process of exploration and self-development, that:

  • encouraged and supported me to understand my strengths, values and my ‘why’.
  • allowed me to explore and test different roles and career paths in a safe and supported environment.
  • introduced me to an incredible group of 24 ambitious women who supported each other to push boundaries for what was possible and share contacts, tips and resources to land our dream jobs.
  • welcomed me to the Startmate and ANZ start-up ecosystem network.
What I have learnt and achieved in 3 months would have taken me years to do by myself.

Over the 3 month Fellowship, we experienced:

  • Educational Ask Me Anything sessions focused on:
  • supporting Fellows to learn more about roles in startups, investing, starting a business; and
  • providing key skills and resources to help Fellows to pursue opportunities with confidence in the start-up ecosystem.
  • 1 week trip to San Francisco (this was a virtual 2 week trip for our cohort due to covid-19)
  • Internship opportunities with top companies. (Fellows explored the ecosystem for internships on their own accord and the Startmate team was there for support for pitching for roles/ negotiating salaries etc).
  • 1:1 Career advice and mentoring sessions
  • Mentor roulettes and 1:1 introductions to top operators in the industry
  • Resource library to support education and learning
  • Supported weekly learnings

The Fellowship was designed to meet our needs, the Startmate team was amazing at listening and acting on our feedback for the support we needed throughout the course of the Fellowship.

Would you recommend it to others?


The Fellowship is an incredible program that I would recommend to anyone wanting to fast-track a transition to the ANZ start-up ecosystem.

The program is not a spoon-feeding exercise. The Startmate team provide a great framework but it’s up to you to make the most of the opportunity. This includes engaging with resources and support made available to you and being willing to share your learnings and be open to feedback. It’s hard work and so rewarding!

If you are a proactive and ambitious individual who is ready to take the next leap in your personal and professional development I couldn’t recommend the program more!

What were the biggest outcomes for you from participating in the Fellowship

I think that I am going to keep discovering the benefits of partaking in the fellowship in the months and years to come.

Biggest outcomes and wow moments so far:

  1. I had the opportunity to pitch the Chief of Staff role at InsideSherpa for a three-month internship and was fortunate to work with the team while they were undertaking their series A fundraising.
  2. Undertaking the Startmate Fellowship, I increased my surface area of luck for finding my dream job. I was lucky to be introduced to Hannah Field from Tempus Partners as my ‘partner/mentor’ for the duration of the Fellowship. After building a great relationship with Hannah over the course of the three-month Fellowship, when a role opened up with the team at Tempus that was a good fit with my prior experience and what I was looking for, I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time.
  3. Since joining Tempus Partners, I have truly realised how incredible it is to be a part of the Startmate network. The Fellowship and the Startmate network have helped me to hit the ground running in my new role.

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