Why this crash-course on management might be the best thing you ever do for your career.

Phoebe Pincus
August 31, 2023
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If you’re lucky enough, at some point in your career you’ll be promoted into a management position.

Typically, this looks like being given the responsibility of guiding, growing and getting outcomes from more junior staff members alongside managing your own workload. 

Before you know it, you’re plagued with existential challenges that read sort of like rhetorical questions because of how unachievable they feel:

  • How do I let them know that their work isn’t up to scratch AND guide them to learn and improve when we’re operating on a very tight deadline… and it really would be easier just to fix it up myself. But they’ve been working really hard so it feels harsh to tell them they’re not performing… 
  • How do I help them feel connected to the company mission and carve out a growth path within the company so that they’re motivated to do the best work of their life?
  • How do I balance caring for their wellbeing and work life balance when I’m drowning under my own workload? What’s the line there anyway - Am I their manager or their parent?

These questions, plus many, many more, are almost like a right of passage for a new manager. 

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you might have an incredible mentor who helps you find the most effective way to manage. 

You’ll go on to become one of those glorious, fearless, golden leaders who makes managing teams look effortless. 

You can rally a group of people around you and earn their loyalty and trust. 

You deliver feedback enthusiastically and to great effect. 

You project middling performers into realms of hitherto unforeseen high performance and engagement. 


Ultimately, you come to love managing - it becomes the most energising, rewarding part of your job, where you realise you can achieve infinitely more through your team as an exceptional manager than you ever could alone. 

In all likelihood, you become the single biggest asset to your business: teams live and die by these kinds of managers. 

But if you’re one of the many who is wandering this treacherous and winding path alone, then it’s likely that you’ll stay feeling pretty uncertain about your role as a manager. 

If any of these sound familiar, you might be stuck in the middling manager marshes:

  • You’ve come to dread your 1:1s because they feel like a waste of time.
  • You feel like you never really get the balance right with prioritising your own work versus unblocking your team.
  • You dread tough conversations and pull punches or hold off on delivering feedback, only to see your direct report continue to make the same mistake.

Managing people can quickly become the most draining part of your job. 

The good news?

We’ve partnered with the Mintable, a community-based learning and growth platform for ambitious managers, to deliver a course that will make leading a team feel easy.

The Manager Fellowship is for people who want to learn the ropes from the best managers in the business.

Among other things, you’ll be shown how to… 

  • Give feedback that fuels your team
  • Prioritise your workload while supporting your direct reports
  • Build an incredible team culture
  • Get the most out of your 1:1 meetings
  • Help your team become thriving high performers.

And we’re not just talking to you about how to build these skills.

We’re giving direct access to resources, tools and templates to make your own and help you level up immediately.

You’ll be surrounded by other driven managers who want to learn to be the most effective leader they can be.

Make managing your superpower - sign up here.

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