Take part in a unique hands-on development experience and surround yourself with a peer group of leaders from the startup community.

The Fellowship coaching program brings together operational leaders from a diverse mix of startups across Australia & New Zealand. Leaders from pre-seed stage companies, through to Series D+ and publicly listed companies. From medtech to SaaS to edtech to marketplaces. From first-time managers to established C-level executives.

As top operators in the startup ecosystem, Coaches are well positioned to mentor the Fellows as they have experience in their field whilst also developing their leadership capability and building their own network outside of their organisation.

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Is this you?

In order to provide the best experience for all involved, Startmate maintains a high bar for participation as a coach in terms of both industry experience and motivation for involvement. The best coaches bring a pay-it-forward attitude to supporting their Fellow's development, as well as a hunger to learn themselves.

Find out more about what we're looking for in a Coach

  • You’re:
    - a Head of / Director looking to move into the senior leadership team
    - a VP/Chief early in your C-level journey
    - Working at a VC fund
    - An engineering or technical lead
  • Currently responsible for a team or  a people manager
  • Looking to further develop your skills in this area.
  • Be willing to devote an hour each fortnight with your paired Fellow over a 5- or 8-week period (minimum 3 catch-ups) in (Nov-Dec, Sept-Nov or Mar-May).
  • Looking for a network of peers to learn with.

Why be a coach


Peer and Mentor network
Join an exclusive network of Australian startup operators who will be your support network. Meet peers in your function from other startups, and Startmate’s Mentors.


Access to rising talent
Get an inside look at a unique talent pool, ripe for hiring through the Fellowship program - 100 vetted women ready to join a rocketship startup every 6 months, engineering fellows joining the community from November 2021.


Coaching experience and industry kudos
Get an official Startmate Coach title with hands on coaching experience to develop your leadership skills in another setting

Become a Fellowship Contributor

Startmate’s point of difference is our community, which is why we are trialling a new community role of Fellowship Contributor. The role of a Fellowship Contributor is to contribute relevant content and be a subject matter expert that Fellows can lean on when required.

As a Fellowship Contributor you will be required to:

  • Deliver a masterclass on your area of expertise as part of the Fellowship program;
  • Contribute to the Startmate community’s collective knowledge bank (your masterclass will be recorded and forever accessible to our Fellows); and
  • Be open to receiving support requests from time to time.


Fellowship Contributors can be from technical, operational or leadership backgrounds. You might be a leader with expertise in organisational management, or a software engineer with a particular tech-stack you are eager to share. 

You can be a Coach and a Contributor, or choose the role that suits you best. 

Ready to step forward and support the next wave of startup talent?

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