Our Fellowships help talented, ambitious people from a multitude of backgrounds gain the network and skills needed to thrive in the startup world.


Focusing on In-demand Identity of Talent

Each program serves a different hard-to-reach, in-demand identity of talent โ€” with women and students currently the focus of our two Fellowships, and programs for early-stage founders and engineers primed to launch this year.


Fellows Attracting Fellows

Our Fellowships attract talented individuals, who are either looking to break into the startup ecosystem but donโ€™t know where to begin, or who are in the ecosystem but are looking to develop their skills, and guide them on their journey to success.


Startups and Fellows

On the startup side, our Fellowship talent pool solves different hiring problems, such as increased gender diversity, hiring amazing early talent, sourcing well-rounded engineers outside of the usual hunting grounds, scouting the founders of tomorrow, and developing leadership capability.


Increasing Talent

We know finding and onboarding the right employees is one of the biggest bottlenecks startups face, so one of Startmateโ€™s goals is to increase the amount of talent in the ecosystem through our Fellowships.

Ultimately, we want to spearhead a tenfold increase in the number of founders, operators and investors building world-changing companies.

You can dive into the details about our Fellowship programs below.


Do you remember what inspired you to become an engineer in the first place? Rediscover that fresh feeling through the Startmate Engineering Fellowship.


Do you want to found a company rather than work for one, but not sure what happens next? Have an idea that keeps you awake at night and looking for someone to share the ride with?


The Startmate Women Fellowship is a two-month program helping ambitious women find their dream job in a startup.


Intrigued by the idea of working at a startup after graduation? Eager to connect with like-minded, ambitious students across Australia and New Zealand?