Startmate Open House

Twice a year, in May and November, we’ve opened our mentoring network to founders across Australia and New Zealand, in the form of 'Office Hours'.

This year, we are taking it three steps further. Introducing Startmate 'Open House', a biannual, 2-week, entirely free, virtual festival packed with 1:1 mentoring, founder-to-founder relationship building, fireside chats and functional workshops.

You can think of it as having access to the whole house, not just the home office.

Want to be matched with a been-there-done-that mentor that has experience suited to the problem you’re trying to solve? Want to meet dozens of other founders? Want exclusive insights to catapult your startup forward?

Apply for Open House today so we can match the perfect mentor to the problem you’re trying to solve and grow your network for life.


Next Start Date:
Nov 2021
Cost: Free!
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“In just 30 minutes, they managed to provide us with more input then other mentors we met numerous times, sometimes for hours. They got the big picture immediately by looking at our pitch deck so we could go straight to the bottom of our challenges.”




Considering a career change? Intrigued by startups Liminal* will help you fast-track your startup journey.

If you’re intrigued by startups, come along to Liminal*. It’s an immersive, one-week series of online panels, masterclasses and high-energy breakout sessions with leading startup operators and coaches. You’ll end the week with a better understanding of how your skills and experience can translate into a startup job.

Liminal* is also a taster of our Women Fellowship, a two-month program helping ambitious women find their dream job in a startup. If you end the week convinced startups are for you, you’ll have until the 22nd of August to apply.

Register for Liminal* now and get ready to dive headfirst into startups.


Next Start Date:
August 16-20, 2021
Cost: Free!
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"Something transformative has been happening this week and it is Liminal*, Startmate's effort to help women fast-track their journey into a startup or in their career in general. An hour in the morning every day is all it takes for them to empower us. We listen to exceptional achievers, get to ask questions, discuss our journeys and initiate momentum to build a new network of promising performers."