Building an epicentre for startup ambition across Victoria.

Bringing together the best founders, operators and investors across the state, Startmate is focused on accelerating the growth of the Victorian innovation ecosystem over the next three years, powered by LaunchVic.

Through our mentor- and founder-led programs, we will be actively working to expand our footprint across every level of Victoria's startup community, starting with the relocation of Startmate HQ to Melbourne.

Find out how each of our programs will boost startup activity across the Victorian ecosystem below:

Over the next three years, Startmate is committed to supporting 30 ambitious Victorian startups through our bi-annual Accelerator program and $3m in Victorian investment.

Offering $75k in exchange for equity at the startup's latest valuation, Startmate will support Victorian founders with access to the best entrepreneurs and investors across the region, best practice knowledge and insights from industry leaders and a community of equally ambitious peers from across Australia, New Zealand and Internationally.

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Even the very best startups can't survive without a steady pipeline of high calibre talent ready to roll up their sleeves.

The Startmate Fellowship programs will give some of the most ambitious people across Victoria the fast track to upskilling and shifting career trajectories, as well as landing a highly sought-after role at one of the region's best high growth tech companies.

Our Women's Fellowship will specifically support 120 women from Victoria across all disciplines and from many different backgrounds to upskill, navigate career changes and land dream jobs all while finding their tribe.

Our Student Fellowship will create a clear pathway for 300 Victorian students to consider a career in the innovation sector, giving them access to the best networks and entry-level experiences and opportunities across the industry.

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Every great startup initially had a first believer - someone willing to take a chance, to show support, to write a cheque.

Through the First Believers program, we will support 30 budding Victorian angel investors to learn the ins and outs of early-stage investing, build confidence in their insights and investment interests and strengthen networks to help them get started with their own investment journey.

Find out more about the First Believers program.