We offer full and part scholarships based on the criteria below. 

A full scholarship completely covers the fee of the program.

A part scholarship reduces the program fee by 50%.
You can nominate yourself for a scholarship at the first stage of your application, where you will be prompted to provide more information about your circumstances.


Scholarship selection criteria 


Carer’s responsibility 

  • A person who provides another person’s ongoing support because of a long-term medical condition, a mental illness, a disability, frailty or the need for palliative care. 
  • May or may not be a family member.
  • May or may not live with the person they care for.
  • May be in receipt of a Centrelink Carer Allowance or Carer Payment.
  • Volunteers under the auspices of a voluntary organisation are not included.


Sole parent’s responsibility 

  • A person of any age who is single and has at least one dependent child under 18 who is wholly or primarily in their care and who is living in Australia.


Long term medical condition / disability 

  • A person whose ability to work is being affected, or is likely to be affected, by the long-term and ongoing effects of one of the following: 
  • A severe and long-term (or a severe and recurrent) medical/psychiatric condition or illness.
  • A learning, sensory, physical, psychological or other disability/disorder
  • Trauma or abuse.


Financial hardship 

  • Receiving government income support payments (such as Centrelink Benefits or Work and Income NZ Benefits).
  • Being a low-income earner or being from a low-income household.
  • Demonstrating other financial need that is impacting the individual’s ability to meet their basic needs, such as unexpected medical expenses, family crisis, or job loss.


Refugee status ‍

  • A person who is, or has previously been, the holder of an Australian refugee visa.