How Connor Finlayson built the largest freelance marketplace in New Zealand with no-code whatsoever

Holly Brooks
July 8, 2023
 Connor Finlayson Startmate No-code Fellowship

When Connor Finlayson founded the Unicorn Factory in 2018, his intentions were simple: Find more clients to freelance for. 

Today, the Unicorn Factory is the largest freelance marketplace in New Zealand. Wowza. 

“When I started out, my plan was just to build a landing page so I could advertise myself and some friends as freelancers.” 

“I had zero coding knowledge. All my experience was in sales and marketing so I didn’t really know where to start.”

That’s when Connor discovered Webflow

“Initially, I just wanted to build a landing page so I could advertise myself and some friends as freelancers on the site. In order to do that, all I really needed was Webflow.”

“And so that was really the starting point for me.”

But as the Unicorn Factory started to grow and more freelancers wanted to join, Connor quickly became swamped with manual data entry; filling out people’s profiles and forwarding messages to them.

“I started researching what kind of automation tools were out there to make my life easier.”

Without going into too much detail, Connor swiftly discovered, integrated, and mastered the no-code cosmos, building the largest freelance marketplace in New Zealand and catching the attention of some pretty big-name no-code developers.

Remember that one called Webflow? The one with 3.5 million users worldwide. The one that has helped create over 550,000 websites on the world wide web.

Yeh. Well.

In 2019, Webflow was so impressed by Unicorn Factory, they asked Connor to speak at a global no-code conference. 

“They reached out and asked if I could come over and show them how I built it.”

“That was a really life-changing experience. I met a whole bunch of people who were in the space and after I did my presentation, I got emails from so many people asking me if I can help them with their setup and if I can teach them how I did certain things.”

And teach them he did. 

Alongside Unicorn Factory (which continues to run self-sufficiently on no-code), Connor has built a no-code education platform dedicated to teaching others how to learn and master no-code. Here you gain access to blogs, videos, courses, and private coaching that will set you up for success and bring your business ideas to life. 

And it doesn’t stop there. 

If you haven’t already heard, Connor is partnering with Startmate to bring you the No-code Mastery Fellowship, a 6-week in-depth learning experience for people seeking to build a website, launch an MVP, and accelerate their digital journey. 

Throughout the program, fellows will learn the no-code fundamentals; from where to even begin, which tools do what, which work best, how to optimise them, and much much more. You’ll also meet some other leading no-code experts like: 

For those who are interested in learning from the no-code wizard himself, Connor will not only be running the workshops each week, he will also be personally available to bounce ideas off and ask questions. 

For more information about the No-Code Mastery Fellowship and how to apply, take a look at our webpage here. 

Applications close Monday 17th July 2023. 

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