Investment notes: Andromeda

September 26, 2022

Using advanced robotic technology to solve the universal problem of loneliness

Co-founded by University of Melbourne robotics graduates Grace Brown and Tasmin Ahmed in early-2022, Andromeda is building robots that resonate with people.

Grace and Tasmin’s first robot Abi is an endearing, multi-talented humanoid robot who can help people maintain their independence, learn and socialise.

Ultimately, Andromeda is charting a path towards a future where robots are our best friends.

The team’s Startmate mentor squad includes Megan Elizabeth, John Wood, Michael Batko and me (Frederic Leforestier, squad partner).

💜 What we love about the founders

Simply put, Grace is a bowl of energy! Grace and her co-founder Tas possess a highly contagious, positive, can-do attitude, which our squad loves! 

This energy is translating into growing recognition and progress too. While it’s not over yet, Andromeda’s Startmate journey is already full of achievements, including:

  • Wide support across a number of aged-care facility operators, including the development of a very close relationship with a leading high-end aged-care group that has provided an LOI stating it would like to see Abi introduced across all their sites;
  • International recognition, having been selected and included in Amazon’s robotics start-up accelerator; and
  • Validation of Andromeda’s direction and technology building blocks by leaders from the international robotics and human/AI interface industries.

Andromeda co-founder Grace Brown and Abi

🔮 What's the magic? 

In the past eight weeks, Grace and Tas have kicked some major goals, including:

  • Crystalising a clear vision for Andromeda;
  • Identifying a first market opportunity for their humanoid robot Abi;
  • Validating  the market size and opportunity; 
  • Product iteration; and
  • Scientific validation.

🚀 Why now?

The movement to robotics is now. 

Amazon’s acquisition of iRobot shows the move beyond voice assistants such as Alexa and Apple’s Siri to assistants with mobility. Meanwhile, Tesla wants to break ground with a human-like bipedal robot, and Xiaomi is trying to trump them by being first to market.

Andromeda’s first market opportunity (the elderly and disability healthcare sector) is ripe for change. Grace and Tas intend to use their humanoid robot Abi to provide social and mental support to the elderly and disability demographic, who can benefit from this. Statistically, it shows that the elderly and disability sector is demographics that need the most social and mental support.

Grace and Tasmin are just the right distance ahead of the curve. 

They have recognised the importance of getting the balance right between generating positive emotions in human interactions while not being creepy by copying humans too closely. Their ambition is complemented by their work ethic and willingness to do the hard yards directly with end user qualification. 

This is a pair who are comfortable seeking out and taking on board input from the global community of leaders creating the future of robotics… even as they themselves play an important part in building this future with Andromeda.

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