Meet our Winter22 Accelerator cohort

Bronte McHenry
July 27, 2022
The Eggy team

If we were to nominate a theme for our Winter22 cohort, it would be ‘game-changing, fresh thinking’.

Because while our 26 superstar founders might be operating in industries you’ll be familiar with, their visions are the furthest thing from expected.

Camille and Jada are using tech to tackle global biodiversity loss. Billy and Nelson plan to use space as a pathway to bounce laser energy worldwide. Lydia and Esther are starting a movement on behalf of 50% of the world’s population. And Anvil and Kimberley are currently unlocking full VR immersion, with plans to redefine human capability as a whole.

Like I said, freshhhhhh.

Now that your interest is piqued, let me formally introduce you to 12 game-changing, fresh-thinking companies.

Get to know our W22 Accelerator cohort

Xylo Systems 🐼🇦🇺

Xylo Systems is a cloud-based platform using AI analytics to turbocharge threatened-species management. It aims to become the go-to platform for anyone to participate in the preservation of wildlife through management, funding, impact reduction and offsetting. Xylo was born from the urgent need to tackle biodiversity loss and a frustration working as conservation scientists on large projects including the Tasmanian devil, sumatran tiger and red panda.

Founded by Camille Goldstone-Henry and Jada Andersen

Huey Books 📚🇦🇺

Huey Books is an edtech startup using machine learning to create a ‘bookbot’ called Huey that makes it fun for children to find books they love. Huey Books is on a mission to improve child literacy rates and become the number one destination to find a book for a child in Australia and other major global marketplaces. 

Founded by Meena Tharmarajah

Tutero 📝🇦🇺

Tutero is an edtech startup building a suite of products for P-12 teachers and students. Currently, it pairs school students with an online tutor, and creates for them a personalised pathway for learning. Soon, the team will be launching a free classroom product to help teachers perform data-driven classroom planning.

Founded by Joey Moshinsky, Sonny Moshinsky and Richard Mathieson  

Storipress 🗞🇦🇺

Storipress is the ‘Shopify for media companies’. It is reinventing how easily digital media is created by giving aspiring publishers the tools they need, out of the box, without code. With aspirations to be the world’s most beautifully simple publishing platform, the interface has a unique workflow-management system, intuitive site-builder and payment rails built-in. It has been designed with scalability in mind, being able to serve millions of requests per day with sub-second load times. 

Founded by Alex Pan, Kevin Chang and David Peng 


SoundSmith 🥁🇦🇺

SoundSmith is a creator marketplace designed for musicians to promote their music on TikTok. It aims to become a key revenue source for content creators, power a music economy where musicians can earn a living wage from their music, and build strong network effects with AI matching algorithms to better serve musicians and creators.

Founded by David Hartley, Gajan Nagaraj and Michael McSweeney


Femmi 👟🇦🇺

Femmi is a fitness startup building a digital app that will host and connect millions of women around the world while they track and train according to their menstrual cycle. It aims to empower women around the world to feel confident and educated in their bodies through the knowledge of women’s health experts and a tight-knit supportive community.

Founded by Lydia O’Donnell and Esther Keown


Eggy 👧🇦🇺

Eggy aims to ‘unscramble’ life for busy parents through an app that automates life admin tasks such as paying bills, remembering appointments, saving receipts and collaborating on shared lists. It aims to connect service providers with consumers and organise billions of busy households all over the world. 

Founded by Kate Morgan and Kirk Reynoldson


Dexta 🎬🇦🇺

Dexta is Australia's production and entertainment marketplace, connecting production professionals with creative businesses spanning advertising, film, TV and events.

Founded by Jack Phillips


Dennisson 🎮🇳🇿

Dennisson is a wearable-device company using smart-material technology to develop low-profile and cost-effective Force-Feedback Platforms for Virtual Reality and Human Capability Augmentation. It is currently creating the most low-profile, affordable Force Feedback Haptic Gloves on the market; unlocking full VR immersion today, with sights set on redefining human capability as a whole in the near future.

Founded by Anvil Bañez and Kimberley Bañez 


Butter 💰🇦🇺

Butter is an insurtech startup providing seamless, commitment-free cover for young people and renters. By challenging a notoriously oligopolistic industry, Butter aims to simplify insurance products and processes, so that young people and renters (finally) get cover that’s made for them.

Founded by Steph Skevington and Cassie Bell


Aquila 🛰🇦🇺

Aquila is building a wireless energy-transmission system using lasers and adapted solar panels. Aquila’s ambition is to create a global energy-transmission network by bouncing laser energy around the world with orbiting mirrors, which it hopes will make energy instantly transportable worldwide and shift the global energy mix to renewables dramatically faster.

Founded by William (Billy) Jeremijenko and Nelson Smith


Andromeda 🤖🇦🇺

Andromeda is a robotics startup seeking to develop a fleet of universal humanoid robots. Andromeda Robotics’ first prototype, Abi, is a companion robot who aims to alleviate feelings of loneliness from elderly residents in aged-care facilities through social interactions and hugs! Andromeda predicts humanoid robotics have the potential to improve quality of life for vast numbers of people.

Founded by Grace Brown and Tasnim Ahmed

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