Meet Woman Fellow: Alex Carr (Autumn 21)

January 14, 2024
Stories from the Women Fellowship: Alex Carr - Autumn 21

We’ve caught up with some of our incredible Fellows to see what they’re up to now.

Meet Alex

Alex Carr started her career as a corporate lawyer at Herbert Smith Freehills in Sydney and quickly realised I wanted to do something purpose driven instead. She considers herself lucky enough to be given a role at a small Australian AgTech scale up where she was exposed to VC and the vibrant world of startups. She knew she wanted to jump back into that world after her time abroad in London but wasn't sure how…

Why did you apply for the fellowship?

I was living in London during Covid and didn't have much job satisfaction (I was in survival mode like many I'm sure).  I wanted to launch back into the Australian startup ecosystem on my return home into meaningful work that I was proud of and motivated by. I had worked in Business Development in a startup before the fellowship, but I really wanted to find something that lit me up and something that was more operational or product oriented rather than sales based.

How would you describe the fellowship to someone else?

An insanely energetic and inspiring two months. It's like being gifted a key to a secret garden filled with women fellows just like you and a team of exceptional coaches who are ready to be your biggest supporters.

What is the value you personally got out of the fellowship?

Clarity on pursing a Chief of Staff role in either VC, climate tech or femtech and an insanely incredible network (and lifelong friends!). I ultimately landed my dream CoS role at ReGen Ventures through the Startmate network.

Would you recommend the fellowship and why / why not?

1000%, it supercharged my journey to job fulfilment in ways I could never have planned for myself. It led me to exactly where I'm meant to be - working with an amazing team (in Byron Bay of all places). It has also provided me with a peer group I continue to lean on and learn from every week.

What sort of person would you recommend it to?

Anyone who is serious about learning more about themselves and what they truly want out of their career in startups. Women who may lack confidence in pursing something different to what they know will really thrive here.

What were the main things you learned from the fellowship?

1. I was ready to be a Chief of Staff even if I didn't have total confidence in myself.

2. Anyone can join a Venture Capital firm - you don't need a finance background.

What were some unexpected takeaways?

Always take an intro call with a founder even if you don't think you want a role at their company - you never know where the call may lead and who they may be generous enough to introduce you to.

Describe your journey since finishing the fellowship, professionally and personally.

Through the Startmate community I was introduced to Tom and Dan from ReGen Ventures where I have now held the position of Chief of Staff for over two years. I moved to Byron Bay for the role and have never looked back. Personally and professionally, this has been a massive lifestyle shift for the better. My team mates have taught me everything from how to surf to how to find exceptional founders who are building companies that are restoring our planet. I finally feel like I am exactly where I'm meant to be!

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