Ladymates Leadership

Join ANZ's first highly vetted, mentor-driven community for women in leadership.

It’s no secret that women face hurdles when navigating leadership, particularly in male-dominated industries like startups and tech. How do you navigate board meetings, assert your influence, find a leadership style that is authentic and effective, and navigate the ever-changing challenges? 

We built Ladymates Leadership to unleash emerging women in leadership. In short, it exists to level what is currently an uneven playing field.

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What is
Ladymates Leadership?

Ladymates Leadership is a membership that gives you access to the people you need to grow into the best leader you can be.

The pilot program is a highly selective, 13 week membership that includes:

  1. Executive coaching: recurring sessions with a highly regarded exec coach
  2. Peer advisory board: work through challenges you’re facing, get feedback on your decision-making, and soundboard ideas
  3. In-person ‘level-ups’: IRL sessions tailored to the cohort and their unique needs (i.e. commanding a room with confidence, navigating all-male board meetings, having tough management conversations, etc)

To truly support our Ladymate Leaders, we want to design this pilot program around your needs.

Book in a quick chat here to share your feedback and help us build this with you, and for you. 


Are you a wildly ambitious founder and pre Series A fundraise?
The Accelerator is for you.


We're industry agnostic.

We've invested in companies spanning an insanely diverse range of industries. From ed-tech, health-tech, prop-tech and climate-tech to space-tech, fin-tech and legal-tech.


You're never too early.

67% of Accelerator companies had no revenue when they appliedand every cohort has had at least one company that is idea-stage and pre-MVP.


We strive for equal representation.

Diversity builds smarter solutions. Since 2021, 40% of our companies have 1 or more women co-founders.

Who is Ladymates Leadership for?

🚀 A leader in a startup or big tech company

We appreciate that ‘leadership’ has varying definitions. This might look like:

  • A ‘Head of’ or ‘Chief of’
  • A Founder
  • A senior manager (i.e. with a team of 3+ direct reports)
  • Other - if you’re not sure, express interest!

🙌 Women looking to navigate challenges and grow as a leader

We’re looking for ambitious women who aren’t content with the status quo. We want to support those who are ready to tackle the day-to-day challenges of leadership and chart their trajectory as a leader. 

👯 Women who want to to build meaningful relationships with other women leaders

We believe you’re the average of the people you surround yourselves with, so why not surround yourself with other brilliant women in leadership? Ladymates Leadership is for those who want to make lifelong friends and allies to support them every step of their career.

Check out our
track record

  • 50% of companies raise post-accelerator
  • Startups raise an average of $1.8mil. off the back of the accelerator

Join a community that will help you go from idea to IPO



We have over 3000+ of ANZ’s most talented operators in our community. Our incredible Startmate fellows are hungry to join a high-growth startup and ready to support you on your journey.



We have built an army of over 250 early stage investors who are inspired by your commitment to changing the world. They are here, ready to be your First Believers, and invest.



We invest in you from day one and continue to believe in you forever after. This is a unique fund in ANZ that automatically invests all Startmate pro-rata for our alumni, which means you can go into your fundraising conversations already knowing you have the Startmate pro-rata committed

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Ladymates Leadership

Join ANZ's first highly vetted, mentor-driven community for up-and-coming women in leadership
What you’ll get out of the Accelerator 
  1. Investment: We invest AUD 120k in each company so that all your energy is focused on building your startup.
  2. Founder friends: You’ll be surrounded by a cohort of equally ambitious founders on the same journey.
  3. Pitch perfect: We’ll tear your pitch deck to shreds and by the end of the Accelerator you’ll have a bulletproof deck ready for investors.
  4. Launch your startup to the world: Pitch your startup to an audience of thousands at Demo Day.
  5. A product people want: You’ll spend 12 weeks laser-focused on your customer, how you can improve your product and the results to drive meaningful growth
  6. Mentorship: You’ll be partnered with ANZ’s most successful founders, operators and investors who have skin in the game and will run through brick walls to see you succeed 
  7. SME: We’ll connect you with subject matter experts who can provide tailored industry advice on how to approach your business
  8. Community: You’ll gain access to ANZ’s largest startup community of founders, operators and investors who are ready to support you on your journey.  
  9. World-class talent pool: Within our 2000+ startmate fellowship alumni are the hires you need to take your startup to the next level at your fingertips: pre-vetted, upskilled, and hungry to join a high-growth startup. 
  10. The best platform in ANZ to raise capital: Having the Startmate brand behind you will be a stamp of approval to every potential investor or employee you meet.


The right person at the right time to navigate your leadership and personal challenges


Exec coaching and personal advisory to excel in your career


Make lifelong friends on similar trajectories to support you every step of the way


Join ANZ's largest startup community


Is the program virtual or in-person?

The program is part virtual, part in-person. The executive coaching and advisory board sessions will be virtual, but the ‘level-ups’ and curated social events will be in person

What is the time commitment?

The compulsory time commitment is 1.5 hours per fortnight. This will alternate between executive coaching and peer advisory sessions.

Additionally, there are three in-person ‘level-ups’ and curated social events. Attendance to at least 2 is required.

Is attendance mandatory?

We believe you get out what you put in. Given the limited cohort size, we want participants who are ready to commit to their growth and are present to support their fellow Ladymate Leaders. 

For this reason, attendance is mandatory. Participants who miss more than one session will be withdrawn from the program*.

*except in extenuating circumstances

Is it a safe and confidential space?

It's important that you feel safe to share the challenges you're facing, and get the support you need. The exec coaching sessions will be facilitated by one of  Co Lab's experience executive coaches. Additionally, one of the Ladymates Leadership core values is confidentiality. Chatham House Rule must be upheld by all members.