“Finding life’s purpose”: How Raj Bagri is decarbonising diesel generators to save the planet

Holly Brooks
April 13, 2023
Raj Bagri

If you asked Raj Bagri six years ago what her life’s purpose was, she would have told you it was to build an impactful company that will change the world. 

Today, she is the founder of Kapture, a climate tech startup that is decarbonising diesel generators to fight climate change. 

Some may say she manifested it, others will say it’s her tenacious work ethic, either way, she is well and truly on track to achieving her life’s ambition - one diesel generator at a time. 

“We are tackling the climate crisis head on. While the rest of the world targets large scale CO2 emissions, there is a huge gap in the market for solving small scale emissions like those emitted by diesel generators.”

Kapture has developed a low-cost, user-friendly technology that captures CO2 emissions at its source. This revolutionary tech comes in the form of a filter which can be retrofitted to any diesel generator, with the by-product sustainably discarded into soil. 

“To date, renewable energy still can’t provide 24/7 power. Likewise, lithium batteries have a lifespan of 2-3 years. Diesel generators remain a crucial supply of power throughout the world, particularly for sectors like mining that rely on 24/7 back-up power.”

This gap in the market is further validated by the fact that in a commercial context, diesel generators contribute CO2 emissions equivalent to that of 4000 coal-fired power plants. 

This has a devastating impact on the environment, and Raj is here to change that. 

Kapture's technology will give companies a real and affordable solution to capture CO2 and immediately reduce their emissions.

A veteran entrepreneur 

When Raj Bagri launched Kapture and was accepted into the Startmate Accelerator Program in 2022, she already had 10 + years experience as a seasoned entrepreneur.

From successful business owner, to Corporate Director, to Angel Investor and now Founder, Raj has a knack for innovative tech and strategic timing.

To catalogue some of the many impressive accolades to her name (this will be hard), Raj first started out as a thriving 22 y/o business woman in the hospitality space pre-Instagram and UberEats days. 

When food delivery service apps came online, she quickly sold her multi-million dollar cafe empire and pivoted to Angel Investing - fun fact: Raj is the largest shareholder of one of the world's largest graphite mines she also invested in Cannabis farming before its widespread acceptance and legalisation in many American States. 

If that wasn’t impressive enough, she then co-founded a baby infant formula company which was the first in the world to create a sustainably produced, A2 milk formula with zero palm oil (or any other oil for that matter). 

When Raj embarked on her latest journey - tackling the climate crisis - she looked at the issue through the lens of an entrepreneur, scientist and humanitarian. She spent 18 months researching and developing the shell of a technology that was:

  1. Scalable, affordable and novel in the market
  2. Environmentally sustainable and effective in reducing CO2 emissions
  3. Would ensure that everybody in the world has access to reliable power and clean fresh air 

“I was recently in India and realised it is a privilege to have access to constant power or clean fresh air.”

Globally, 1 in 5 people die from air pollution as a result of burning fossil fuels. It is Raj’s personal mission to give everybody access to reliable power without sacrificing their health or the health of the planet. 

This is a mighty goal but rest assured, Raj is a trailblazer with a track record of success. 

Finding the right fit

As it turns out, a founder's greatest setback can sometimes pave the way to their greatest success.

In its early days Kapture was targeting heavy vehicles and large scale infrastructure to deploy their tech. 

“I had spent 18 months developing this technology alongside world-leading scientists and engineers. I knew I had something good but it wasn't getting any traction in the marketplace.”

Six months ago, Raj reached out to a mentor - John Wood - in the Startmate community who suggested Kapture pivot to diesel generators. 

“Within a matter of days, we had our first customer and a strong pipeline of tier 1 customers in Australia to follow. In the US Plug and Play Ventures said the #1 problem their corporate customers are trying to solve is to decarbonise diesel generators.”

This was Raj’s milestone moment. 

“Once we had nailed product market fit, everything snowballed from there.”

Kapture has partnered with Johns Lyng Group to set up a pilot scale demonstration with the Victorian Government to trial their tech in July 2023 and they will be ready to take on the rest of the world shortly after that. 

The power of inner belief

Kapture’s success to date can be attributed to Raj’s unwavering dedication, passion and sense of accountability to her mission. 

“I have bestowed myself with a huge responsibility - decarbonising the planet - but I truly know this is my life’s purpose.”

“Everyday is different and some days you’re not always going to be successful. You just have to remember that every bad experience is there to teach you something.”

“As a founder, you become accustomed to rejection. It’s so important to find your first believers.”

For Raj, the Startmate Accelerator has been a critical source of inspiration and motivation. 

“It has been life changing. I have met some incredible mentors and founders who have been so supportive and generous with their time and energy.”

Kapture is gearing up for a cap raise in the middle of 2023 and Raj is poised and ready for the whopping pipeline of partnerships already in motion.

Raj’s drive and ambition is a true superpower in the world of startups. 

“I have such a strong inner-belief in my mission. I won’t give up.”

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