Head of Finance & Fund Operations

Phoebe Pincus
November 2, 2022
Head of Fund Operations


👉 Apply here by the 13th November.

Some key details

  • Salary: $120k - $150k + super + equity
  • Location: This role is fully remote anywhere in Australia or New Zealand (preference Sydney). We currently have offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland.
  • Closing: 11:59pm, 13th Nov 2022 AED

Your Responsibilities

You will holistically run Startmate’s funds and finance functions.

You’ll have the support of superstars Akshat Pande (Finance Manager) and Matt Kolomyjec (Fund Operations Manager), external legal providers, and a third-party finance provider we’re about to onboard to handle bookkeeping and accounting for the main operational entity.

You have fund-specific experience and are comfortable with fund vehicles and compliance, as well as accounting, bookkeeping, business operations, regulatory environment and talking to lawyers.

You will be the conductor, coordinating legal, tax, compliance and accounting advice. You’re also not afraid to get your hands dirty and jump into bookkeeping and accounting yourself. You will build on existing processes and procedures — constantly iterating and improving to make us more efficient and effective.

An added bonus is if you have compliance and legal experience, especially in the fund management space.

Among other things, you'll be responsible for...

Fund management
You run our fund vehicles. Everything from reporting, compliance, legal structuring and investor relations to carry vehicles and tax obligations.


  • AML compliance and reporting to AUSTRAC
  • Tax compliance and reporting in all its forms
  • NAV reporting to investors

Accounting and bookkeeping
You have full oversight of Startmate’s finances. Process improvement and automation will be highly valued.


  • Startmate budget
  • Running Startmate’s tax compliance from end to end
  • Oversight over reconciling of the Funds’ balance sheets and weekly cash reconciliations
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Oversight of Xero management (raising invoices and COA management)
  • Performing month-end processes (journals and monthly reconciliations)
  • General payables function
  • Payment of distributions
  • Invoicing of management fees and other Startmate revenue streams, and the timely collection of those receivables

Legal liaison
You know your way around legal documents, but more importantly know what questions need to be asked to lawyers.

  • Example:
  • Bridge to lawyers re: Fund matters (working knowledge of fund documents), Secondary/Exit sales, IM drafting and updating, New fund documents , ESOP
  • Structuring — think through the implications of new fund initiatives for AFSL and other regulatory purposes
  • Setting up and managing carry trusts

👉 Apply here by the 13th November.

Position requirements

Below are the key skills and attributes you’ll need to be successful.

  • Fund Management (preferred): Expertise in operating VC/PE-style fund vehicles, which you can leverage to oversee the establishment, closing and day-to-day operations of such funds.
  • Prioritisation and productivity: Startmate itself is a startup and running funds is a complicated job, with competing deliverables and often limited time. You will have a laser focus and be able to see what is business critical, get to the root of an issue and make commercial decisions, having weighed up the pros and cons. You will then pull in the resources (internal and external) to see the decisions through to their conclusion
  • Accounting acumen: Whether that’s a degree, a certificate, previously managed accountants or a personal love for P&Ls, Balance Sheets, BAS, tax returns, etc, you enjoy thinking through complex transactions and unique accounting situations (for example, experience with AASB 15, IFRS 9).
  • Compliance mindset: We operate in a highly regulated environment and we need you to be the last line of defense to make sure we are hitting all of our obligations, all the time.
  • Reporting love language: You live for acronyms and filing these reports with a high degree of accuracy. Whether it’s FATCA, CRS, AMMA, AML reporting — this is your love language.
  • Legalese: You don’t shy away from legal documents and contracts. You don’t have to be a lawyer, but you know the right questions to ask a lawyer.

💫 What is Startmate?

We’re making Australia and New Zealand the best place in the world to build a startup. We’re achieving that through building a platform that unleashes startup ambition and accelerates exceptional companies.

At our core, we’re a community of the most ambitious founders, operators and investors propelled by a highly-trusted mentor-driven community, and backed by the best angels, venture funds and tech startups in the region.

Over the past decade we have invested in 170+ startups, with a combined value of $2 billion.

💞 Startmate culture

Our culture is best articulated through our values and operating principles.

Our values are the set of guiding principles that help us and our community agree on what matters. Our operating principles are practical guidance for how to put those values into action.

🚀 Value 1: Just start, mate

Operating principle: Ship It!

We’re as ambitious, scrappy and fast-moving as the startups we back.

We value creating and experimenting on the fly, rather than having all the answers before we start. We back each other to have a go and get stuck into something without necessarily knowing what the outcome will be. When things don’t work out, we’re okay with that, as long as we’re learning and growing and sharing those insights with each other. 

🐺 Value 2: Wolfing  

Operating principle: Build in public

We share the good, the bad and the ugly as individuals, as a team and as a company, and we actively seek out feedback for our growth.

Wolfing is a culture of not just being open to feedback, but actively sniffing it out. This is lived through the principle of building in public, or in other words, being open and honest about who we are, where we’re heading and how we’re going about that is what makes us strong. It forces us to be open about our mistakes and struggles and how we’re responding to adversity, as well as our wins and triumphs, and helps us build trust and normalise failure. 

🕺 Value 3: Vibing

Operating principle: Welcome to Breakfast Club

Bring your weirdness to work.

'Vibing' is the magic created when two or more people connect as their genuine selves, and together create something exponentially greater than either of them could have conceived on their own. We’re a melting pot of uniquely weird people, and embracing and celebrating that is what gives us our uniquely weird flavour. If we’re not having fun, we’re not doing it right.

🤙  Value 4: Mate-ship 

Operating principle: Steer the waka

We’re a community of mates working towards a common mission that is bigger and more important than any one individual goal.

This value sets the tone for how we interact with each other and our community. We’re not your parents, bosses or colleagues; we’re your mates! Cheering you through the highlights, but also giving you tough love and telling it how it is when you need it. We are a genuinely neutral third party within the startup ecosystem in ANZ. Raising the waka is centred around the idea that building each other up, supporting each other, and believing in each other, is fundamental to helping us achieve our mission. 

⚡ Value 5: Increase surface area for luck to strike

Operating principle: Give the community a job

We are always looking through the lens of scale: at the community, product and individual level. 

We know that we're our own biggest bottleneck. We can only grow as fast as the systems we create, both for ourselves and our community. We are never going to be as talented and magical as the sum of our community, so our goal is to bolster that and give it a platform to self-propagate and grow itself. The more people we have sharing their own and our stories, the better the chance for those serendipitous connections and for luck to strike!

🤩 Why you might love working with us

  • Community: The Startmate community is a unique mix of founders, operators and investors — the one thing everyone has in common is ambition. Startmate is much more than just our team, it’s a community built on paying it forward.
  • Autonomy: You will have very high autonomy to realise your dreams within your area.
  • Flexibility: We are a remote-first team with coverage across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Noosa and New Zealand (and an office in Melbourne).
  • Access: You get to work with every well known and less well-known Australian and Kiwi startup, VC and angel. Canva, Safety Culture, Propeller, Vend, Xero, Blackbird, Square Peg, AirTree, Rampersand, Folklore, you name it!
  • Great vibes: Being able to bring your best self to work is really important to us. We index heavily on wellbeing and engagement to make sure that you’re able to turn up with energy and resilience each day.
  • A share of Startmate’s success: We think it is important to share successes with the whole team. All Startmate employees receive carry in our funds and are owners in the management company.

😈 Why you might hate working with us

  • If you’re a perfectionist: If you like to play it safe or don’t want to share work until it’s finished, if you’re uncomfortable with failure in public, if you want an instruction manual and a clearly articulated role or permission to fix things, you probably wouldn’t enjoy working here!
  • We’re open to debates and robust discussions; people will probably find our levels of feedback and transparency unsettling at first. 
  • No task is beneath us and you shouldn’t be afraid to do the unpopular work if it helps someone else within the team or community.    
  • We won’t handhold you. You’ll be given full autonomy and most processes and systems will be put in place by yourself. 
  • We are comfortable with chaos. Things move so quickly at Startmate, that you will find out things last minute, we’ll be coming up with things on the fly and not everything will work out.

👉 Apply here by the 13th November.

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