Spotlight on women in leadership: Estelle Berton, CX lead at Eucalyptus

Phoebe Pincus
July 2, 2024
In our Spotlight series, we’re introducing you to our first ever cohort of Ladymates Leaders.

In our Spotlight series, we’re introducing you to our first-ever cohort of Ladymates Leaders.


We reckon they are just about the most incredible bunch ever to come through a Startmate program: they are smart, pioneering, natural leaders who have already achieved enormous amounts and will go on to change the face of this ecosystem. 


So - let's meet Estelle!

Tell us a little bit about your career so far.

I joined Eucalyptus two and a half years ago and have scaled operations across last-mile delivery and fulfilment during hyper growth phases. Before Euc, I worked in operational and service design roles at Apple, Qantas, and CBA. I'm really enjoying building and scaling teams and functions, so I don't see myself leaving the startup space anytime soon!

What's your role now?

I currently lead Customer Experience (CX) at Eucalyptus, managing a cross-border team of 50+ people. At the moment the business is navigating how to take a patient-first approach to medication that is in a global supply shortage - this is resulting in constant change in the patient experience. Leading a team through volatility and immense change has been a significant leadership development opportunity. We're now focused on transforming the patient experience by integrating an AI workforce alongside our human team to scale support while maintaining quality and efficiency.

Why did you apply to join LL?

Two reasons: 

1. I love the social-neurology concept "You're the average of the people you spend the most time with". I'm acutely aware that the people I surround myself with greatly influence my thoughts and actions. Connecting, jamming and learning from other Ladymates, will undoubtedly shape my leadership, and more broadly, who I am as a person, in positive ways. 

2. I've thought a lot about 'what's my why' when it comes to leadership. For me, it's about growing my sphere of influence and learning how to improve my 'multiplier effect' as a leader. I see big synergies between my leadership purpose and that of the Ladymates comrades - "driven to grow, learn and build each other up", and hope through this program I'll improve my ability to grow and develop those around me. 

What's been the best part so far?

Undoubtedly, the connections I'm making and the opportunity to learn from the amazing females in the group. Everyone is showing up in a truly open and authentic way - it's refreshing and I'm loving it. 

What are you reading/watching/listening to at the moment?

Flea's (bassist in Red Hot Chilli Peppers) memoir Acid for the Children

Outside of work I love.

Running, yoga and I've recently started making jewellery (my dad and grandad are both jewellers!)

Estelle on a pre-work stroll with some Sydney Ladymates


Ladymates leadership is ANZ's first highly vetted, mentor-driven community for women leaders in tech. You’ll get exec coaching, peer-to-peer mentorship, exclusive workshops and a powerful women-led community.

We can’t wait to help you on this stage of your journey 💟

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