Meet Woman Fellow: Prachi Arya (Spring 22)

January 14, 2024
Stories from the Women Fellowship: Prachi Arya Spring 22

We’ve caught up with some of our incredible Fellows to see what they’re up to now.

Meet Prachi

Prachi Arya was working as a research fellow at a think tank at the time of the fellowship and is now working as a policy/financial analyst at the ACT Treasury.

Why did you apply for the fellowship?

I applied for the fellowship because I loved being part of the local Canberra startup community and wanted more of that, and a wider network of people that I could learn from.

What is the value you personally got out of the fellowship?

The people I got to know: Even before the fellowship was over, I was already working for a founder on a project that aligned with my skills. I met a buddy who is now a very good friend through the fellowship and helped her with her grad school application - she’s now at Harvard!

Would you recommend the fellowship and why / why not?

I 100% would. I just got another friend to send in her application to the student fellowship when she was having second thoughts and she found out yesterday that she got in on a full ride!

What sort of person would you recommend it to?

Go-getters/self-starters. There’s all the help and advice and opportunities in the world out there waiting for you to act on, but no one’s going to personally bring it to you. A bit of hustle is key.

What were the main things you learned from the fellowship?

That you’ve got to find a niche, develop domain expertise in that particular area and become really, really good at doing whatever that thing is. You either live long enough to become an authority on something specific by learning everything there is to learn about it or die trying a generalist.

What were some unexpected takeaways?

You get into startups (both founding and working) two ways- trying to game the system and chase fads and build something with an aim to get acquired, or you develop better self-awareness, play to your strengths and innovate at the frontiers of something you know like the back of your hand. Too many are doing the former. But if you can keep your ego and impatience at bay long enough, you can build something worthwhile doing the latter.

Describe your journey since finishing the fellowship, professionally and personally.

I have (almost) doubled my earnings, learnt that I can’t attach a timeline to achievements, self-reflected and realised that my own path to building what I meant to is unique and cannot easily fit the run-of-the-mill approach to career-changes or “getting ahead in life.” (edited)

  • A dream job and key insights on how to stand out from the crowd.
  • Building your elevator pitch and how to leverage your transferable skills when transitioning into a new industry.
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome and feel comfortable speaking about your achievements: it’s not bragging when it’s based on facts.

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