Startmate's Summer22 Accelerator cohort is one to watch

Bronte McHenry
March 28, 2022
JustFund Founders Jack O’Donnell and Andy O’Conner

From art licensing and plastic waste transformation to chemical procurement and social fitness for Gen Z, our Summer22 Accelerator cohort is one of our most impressive yet.

The 16 companies in our S22 cohort span education, fintech, blockchain, energy and climate innovation, artificial intelligence, fitness and virtual events, and are innovating solutions both locally and on a global scale. 

Strap in and scroll on to get to know them a little better.

Introducing our Summer22 Accelerator cohort


Convinced virtual networking needs a shake-up? Casey Davies-Bell agrees. Amplifier is an event platform that facilitates 1:1 speed networking and optimises who attendees are connected with to fast-track relevant relationship-building.   

📍 Wellington, New Zealand

👋 Founded by Casey Davies-Bell


The way that chemicals are bought and sold has remained unchanged for decades. But that’s about to change. ChemCloud is an intelligent procurement marketplace allowing both product manufacturers and suppliers to automate, reduce costs and increase exposure to new customers. 

📍 Melbourne, Australia

👋 Founded by Hector Williamson and David Wright


Critical. has developed novel technology based on compression moulding to turn almost all types of plastic waste into premium, useful goods. In fact, at this very moment, Critical. is transforming plastic waste into beautiful, endlessly recyclable building panels.

📍 Auckland, New Zealand

👋 Founded by Rui Peng

Edapt Education

Edapt Education is a platform empowering young people to be the best version of themselves. How? By delivering a comprehensive analytics solution that integrates deeper intelligence into a teacher's, student’s and parent's schooling experience. 

📍 Melbourne, Australia

👋 Founded by Chris Hoang and Eugene Roizman


Access to legal advice is a global problem exacerbated by high fees and inflexible payment arrangements. Meanwhile, law firms face significant cash-flow pressure, with invoices paid in 119 days on average. That’s where JustFund comes in — providing fair and flexible funding solutions underpinned by the best technology, process and legal expertise.

📍 Sydney, Australia

👋 Founded by Jack O’Donnell and Andy O’Connor

Kara Technologies

With the explosion of online information, content and digital services, it is simply impossible for human sign language interpreters to meet the demands of the Deaf community. Kara Technologies is working to fill this gap, using digital avatars with a vision of normalising sign language accessibility as a part of everyday life for sign language users.

📍 Auckland, New Zealand

👋 Founded by Sahar Izadi, Farmehr Farhour, Ken Erskine and Arash Tayebi

Lockpick Games

Many parents struggle to prepare their children for the standardised tests that determine their future educational opportunities. Tash Jamieson was one such parent. Now, she’s the founder of Lockpick Games, which creates immersive, adventure-packed video games that help students study for standardised tests.

📍 Sydney, Australia

👋 Founded by Tash Jamieson


There are 4.4 million people in Australia living with disabilities, and it’s often incumbent on them to manage and coordinate their multiple therapists and support workers. Enter Maslow, a mobile platform that makes it easy for people with disabilities and their caregivers to manage care and rehab from home.

📍 Sydney, Australia

👋 Founded by Ilya Thai, Andrew Akib and Nitin Fernandez


Frustrated by the fundamental communication problems associated with work meetings? Read on. Metric is a shared meeting workspace that syncs with your calendar and videoconferencing tool, enabling you to streamline, prepare for and readily run meetings.

📍 Sydney, Australia

👋 Founded by Paul Boudet and Steven Hodgson

Steppen co-founders Jake Carp, Cara Davies and Dave Slutzkin


DeFi might be a more than $100 billion market, but it's still inaccessible to everyday users. Minke plans to change this by allowing users to save and earn up to 8% APY with all the magic of DeFi in their pocket.

📍 Melbourne, Australia

👋 Founded by Josh Reyes and Marcos Teixeira


Traditional financial services aren’t fit-for-purpose for gig workers. That’s where MyGigsters comes in. MyGigsters helps gig workers maximise earnings, and has plans to build a services platform on Web 3.0 and DeFi that will facilitate access to financial services.

📍 Adelaide, Australia

👋 Founded by Benjemen Elengovan

One Small Step

Wide-scale behavioural changes are crucial to curbing global warming… but behaviour change is hard. One Small Step’s mobile app leverages behavioural economics and cognitive science to make it simple, social and rewarding for users to achieve net zero emissions in their own lives.

📍 Melbourne, Australia

👋 Founded by Lily Dempster


Ping’s purpose is to reduce wastage from poor maintenance practices for wind turbine blades. How? By continuously monitoring the health of wind turbine blades and using advanced acoustic analysis to detect damage.

📍 Adelaide, Australia

👋 Founded by Matthew Stead


Did you know 60% of artists make less than $30k each year, and 42% work additional jobs to sustain their income? Provvy gives artists the power to create multiple revenue streams by monetising their work through licensing or NFT tokenisation.

📍 Brisbane, Australia

👋 Founded by Alisha Geary


It’s common for young people aged 13-34 to feel lost and intimidated at the thought of working out. Enter Steppen, a free, social workout app that connects everyone and every body to content suited to their fitness goals. 

📍 Melbourne, Australia

👋 Founded by Cara Davies, Jake Carp and Dave Slutzkin


Did you know professional-looking video must be manually colour-corrected? It’s a time-consuming and complex process. Toneo is a software tool that colour-corrects footage in real time, giving everyone the control, mastery and freedom to produce, distribute and exhibit visually stunning content. 

📍 Melbourne, Australia

👋 Founded by Tobias Webster, Gino Bollaert, Marcelo Bertalmio and Jordi Recourt

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