Which founder program is right for you?

Cameron Ensor
December 18, 2023
Accelerator Founders


  • Are you already full time (or ready to go full time) on your startup idea? ⟶ Join Accelerator
  • Any stage before that ⟶ Join Launch Club

Launch Club

Designed to make building a startup more accessible and help more ambitious people take the leap into founding. Think of it as a pre-accelerator to get the basics of launching a startup down pat.

Startmate Accelerator program

Enables founders to go full time on their startup idea (if they aren't already) and get the idea off the ground through VC funding and tailored mentorship.

No two founding journeys are the same. These are roughly the stages these programs can support:

What's the difference?

Can you do both?

Absolutely! Doing Launch Club will give you a big step up for the Accelerator.

💥 Apply for Launch Club by Sunday 19th Mar here.

🤜 Read more about why you should do Launch Club here.

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