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September 26, 2022

Enabling every brand and creator to become a media company

Storipress is a platform that enables brands and creators to build their own media companies —- founded by Alex Pan, a Sydney-based founder, and his co-founders Kevin and David, with a development and product team out of Taiwan. 

Obsessed with mass media since childhood, Alex hustled his way into studying media at Macquarie University without having graduated high school. It was during his time at University that Alex founded a student publication, Polity, and realised quite how limited existing platforms such as Wix and Wordpress were for emerging publishers, that the idea of Storipress came to mind.

The team’s Startmate mentor squad includes Cheryl Mack, Chris Tian, Dean McEvoy and me (Ben Grabiner, squad partner). 

💜 What we love about the founders

Alex is a founder with an edge. He is a super smart, driven, product-focused founder that has a big vision.  

He has been able to execute fast, having launched four major product features in the past two months and built a high-quality, sticky product on a small budget. It’s been amazing to see the speed of development and execution as Startmate has gone on.

It’s also fair to say that the interviewer feedback on Alex in the Startmate application process was mixed. He could be described as a marmite character. You love him or hate him… and it’s exactly this personality and drive that I believe makes him the kind of founder with the potential to build an outlier business.

Storipress co-founder Alex Pan

🔮 What's the magic?

Storipress empowers storytellers to build their own media companies by making their creation and distribution processes more efficient. 

Storipress is an easy-to-use, intuitive workflow platform for creators and publishers. Storipress’s early customers have been able to reduce the steps taken to publish an article from 70 to 20, ultimately enabling creators to spend more time creating content and less time managing admin and tools.

To put it simply, Storipress is the ‘Shopify for media companies’, providing the software tooling that allows media companies to build faster, pivot quicker and earn more.  

🚀 Why now?

Content is no longer just produced by media companies. It has become a critical driver for so many ‘non-traditional’ media businesses — from e-commerce to health to finance.

This is in part due to movements towards enhanced privacy that lessen the effectiveness of Facebook advertising, making content an increasingly important part of e-commerce and DTC brands’ share of voice.

It’s also in part due to the internet reaching attention saturation. Gen Z spends 11 hours a day online. Where new companies could once post content on Facebook and expect it to gain traction, this is increasingly difficult. To cut through, brands are now required to partner with influencers or become influencers themselves.

These ‘non-media-native’ businesses also need ‘media-like’ infrastructure to support content creation and distribution at scale.

Storipress brings the content production workflows and personalisation capabilities of media companies to any business that produces and distributes content.

Storipress is perfectly placed to enable brands and content creators to optimise their content production and distribution, integrating the complex workflow management and distribution tools required for branded media experiences all in an easy-to-use no-code platform.

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