July 2022 Monthly Update

Michael Batko
August 5, 2022

Hi SM Family,

July has been a whirlwind of some programs wrapping up and others ramping up, the implementation of some big strategy and org structure changes and, most excitingly, the kick off of the W22 Accelerator cohort. We’re super proud of this one. It's definitely one of the youngest, boldest, most ambitious cohorts we’ve ever assembled. 


  • All 12 teams of our W22 Accelerator companies are set up and are currently hustling towards their ambitious goals! We’ve brought in awesome founders like Dom Pym (Up Bank), Kirstin Hunter (SM Board, Brighte) and Casey Ellis (Bugcrowd) to share their story with our founders and answer all their questions.
  • Product Management 101 launched in collaboration with Harry Hamilton and it is shaping up to be an epic program. Over the next 7 weeks, a group of 65 aspiring and early stage product managers will gain the knowledge, tools and skills to hit the ground running as a PM and hear real stories from product experts.
  • The Student Fellowship wrapped up last week with a cohort of 250 talented university students from across ANZ joining the Startmate family. The program currently has an NPS of 91 from 85 respondents.


  • We’re tightening our belts. Market conditions for raising funds among other things have prompted us to review our own budget. Curious to see what we’ll get up to with the new offsite budget… we will be getting creative.
  • H2 goals are behind schedule! We’ve totally overhauled the process for setting these and the result is a set of specific, inspiring, useful targets that we’re more confident than ever will drive us towards our winning aspiration. We also took time to involve the entire team in different sections of this process. Which all sounds pretty good, but the fact remains that July is now done and we still don’t have fully formalised goals for the rest of 2022.


  • Reporting for grant requirements at the moment involves a lot of data mining through half-finished sheets, airtables and LinkedIn profiles of hundreds of Fellows. Extremely un-glamorous work and we need to be more disciplined and systematic with consistent tracking here. Luckily we had an awesome crew on the case and they powered through the work together!


  • Women Fellowship Coach applications are open. We'd love to get more amazing Coaches on board for the upcoming Fellowship. You can read more about the Coaching Role here.
  • Applications for the Spring22 Women Fellowship are now open (closing August 14) and we'd love your help spreading the word by making a post on LinkedIn or Twitter (sample captions here).

As always open for any questions. Hit me up or post into #ama on Slack!

Thanks Team!

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