A moment of (climate) gratefulness

Kaya Moore
March 7, 2024
Climate Tech Fellowship Startmate

Here are 10 people who have played an important role in shaping the Climate Tech Fellowship.

We want to give the spotlight over to TEN of our speakers and advisors who have opened their minds (and their busy calendars) in our previous Fellowship cohorts.

So let’s jump straight in!  In no particular order:

Mick Liubinskas – CEO and Founder, Climate Salad

In his work at Climate Salad, Mick comes to the Fellowship armed with an overview of the Climate tech landscape and unparalleled insights. If you’ve met Mick, you're now 1 degree of separation from everyone else in the sector. 

Climate Salad supports climate tech founders on their path to success and going global. 

Julia Kay – Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Great Wrap

Julia is a QUEEN. An ex-architect, she’s been running Great Wrap alongside her lifelong partner, Jordy Kay

Great Wrap turns potato waste into pallet wrap. They’re essentially the superheroes against the unseen supervillain of single-use plastic

Mark Rowland – Chief Collaboration Officer, Greenhouse

It’s hard to put into words the brilliance of Mark. With a background as diverse as the Amazon, he brings his entrepreneurial experience and collaborative mindset to the climate crisis. 

Greenhouse is a climate action ecosystem, connecting climate tech innovators with investors, corporate partners, academic experts, government agencies, and other organisations. Check out their in-person Hub and their exciting Challenges

Olympia Yarger – CEO and Founder, Goterra

Olympia is the literal boss. With farming and care for the climate as her passions, Olympia turned her attention to farming insects. Crowned ACT’s Australian of the Year in 2023, there’s no stopping her drive to transform the waste and food sectors with Goterra

Goterra uses insects to manage food waste at the source, rather than intercepting it’s landfill destination. They've created infrastructure that solves the biggest waste management pain point – transport.

Cristiaan Jordaan – CEO and Founder, Sicona and Co-Founder, Novalith 

Originating from South Africa with a background in financial services, Christiaan discovered his climate tech itch during his time at a mining company in Mozambique. Recognising an opportunity in battery supply chains, he set out to uncover new battery materials tech. And voila, Sicona.

Sicona develops next-generation battery materials technology used in the anodes (negative electrodes) that results in up to 50% increased energy density of the battery.

Camille Goldstone-Henry – CEO and Co-Founder, Xylo Systems

Camille grew up in a home surrounded by nature, and was desperate to protect wildlife as she grew up. Combining her biodiversity passions and her MBA education, specifically AI and advanced analytics, Camille and her Co-Founder Jada Andersen created Xylo Systems

Xylo Systems is on a mission to turbocharge biodiversity preservation and regeneration globally.

Priyanka Karunanithi – Strategic Advisor, Novalith

Having gained experience investing in London, Priyanka brings a wealth of know-how and understanding about climate tech. She’s always willing to share her knowledge and perspective.

Novalith uses carbon dioxide to make low-carbon, high-purity lithium for batteries

Patrick Sieb – Partner, Climate Tech Partners

Over a 6 month period in 2023, Patrick travelled across continents to grow his perspective on climate tech solutions, bringing home his observations to drive Australia and New Zealand’s climate tech sector closer to home.

Climate Tech Partners helps investors and corporates invest in climate tech startups.

Rui Peng – CEO and Co-Founder, Critical.

An architect by training, Rui is product-obsessed and climate-enthusiastic. Along with his Co-Founder Adam Ransfield, they’ve unlocked a new way to upcycle plastic waste into beautiful, aesthetic materials.

Critical. transforms plastic waste into beautiful and durable materials for building fit-outs and products. As a Māori owned company, their ethos is to care for our planet.

Jeroen Boersma – Head of Product and Technology, Vow

Ex-Google, Ex-Brighte, and Ex-Adjunct Professor: Jeroen has lived and breathed the cutting edge. From enhanced human-computer interactions to solar energy, he’s now at Vow working on cultured meat products. 

Vow is on a mission to make cultured meat sustainable, irresistible and available to billions.

What a crew!

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