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Bronte McHenry
March 6, 2023
Startmate summer23 accelerator cohort group photo
Startmate summer23 cohort

Scroll down and peek at our Summer23 cohort, and you’ll feel a mix of hope and wonder. 

The problems these 21 founders are solving are systemic, far-reaching and incredibly pressing — from treating depression and ensuring worker safety to democratising access to medical information and reducing CO2 emissions.

This is a group on a trajectory to have a disproportionate impact in terms of both ambition and global presence. This cohort has been global from day one and is already meaningfully changing lives across the world.

So, without further ado, we’ll let you get to know them a little better. 


AI-NC is reshaping how machined parts are designed and manufactured. By bringing  spell-check functionality to engineering designs, AI-NC provides engineers with manufacturing expertise and manufacturers with automated quoting and communication tools, ultimately reducing inefficiencies and costs at each stage. 

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Founders: George Juliff, Max Myer and Thomas Miles


Kapture's vision is to decarbonise over 118 million diesel generators worldwide. Kapture has developed user friendly, low-cost filter technology that captures the emissions before they are emitted into the atmosphere. The by-product can be discarded directly in soil.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Founder: Raj Bagri

Flux Robotics

Flux Robotics is building farm robots that can sense and actuate in a paddock at a millimetre-level scale. Flux's first product uses AI to detect and spray weeds within vegetable crops, reducing pesticide use for the farmer. Flux is developing an ecosystem of robotics products that will use the same Sense-Think-Do technology to manage weeds across different farming systems around the world. 

Location: Caltowie, Australia

Founder: Jordy Kitschke


gridmo is accelerating the connection of renewable generation to the grid. gridmo is a software platform that standardises and automates the engineering process required to connect generation to the grid. Currently, this process can take up to several years — but gridmo is committed to reducing the time and cost of this process by an order of magnitude.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Founders: Damien Vermeer and Jarman Stephen


Kelpy develops planet-friendly seaweed bio-packaging solutions capable of mass manufacturing on existing equipment. Kelpy already has a global network of seaweed farms that both ensures regenerative supply for a circular product and provides economic and social uplift to coastal communities and women in particular.

Location: Jervis Bay, Australia 

Founder: Fionnuala Quin


Nook makes renting a home as easy as reserving an Airbnb, with no disappointing open houses or frivolous applications, helping renters to secure a home they love without the stress & increasing the valuation of our partner agencies.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Founders: Edward Dostine, Nicholas Ruzhnikov and Michael Watson

Pitcrew AI

Pitcrew AI is an autonomous vehicle technician that inspects on-road, off-road and rail vehicle fleets. Pitcrew utilises thermal imaging to detect significant maintenance issues earlier than human inspectors ever could, ultimately keeping workers safe and avoiding unscheduled downtime.

Location: Newcastle, Australia

Founders: Joe Bullock, Patrick Ivory and Tim Snell


Polymath is changing the way children learn mathematics with a gamified, personalised and enjoyable learning app for students. Polymath brings parents and teachers valuable insights, empowering them to help their young students reach for the futures they dream of.

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Founders: Sophie Silver and Krinn Silver

Reactory Limited

Reactory is building a scalable reactor platform that can efficiently mature liquids — specifically, spirits such as whiskey. Reactory’s technology will bring rapid product testing to the spirits industry for the first time, as well as reduce environmental footprints and lower the costs of production.

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Founder: Mark Eltom


Resonait is accelerating the pathway to recovery from depression. Complementing the work of clinical psychologists, Resonait is developing a new, wearable medical device that will help people to recover faster from depression from the comfort of their own homes.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Founder: Cameron Higgins 


SplootCode is the simplest way to build with Python. SplootCode is a development platform where building real-world software is approachable and efficient, without sacrificing the capabilities of what can be built with code.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Founders: Katie Bell and Mattia Fregola


Getting a serious health condition sucks. Then, trying to find the best, cutting-edge treatments and people to turn to is impossible and depends mostly on luck. Turnto is solving this problem by building the home for all voices and insights for every single health condition. Turnto is on a mission to build a global health conversation and accelerate breakthroughs for every single person.

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Founder: Jessica Dove London

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