WTF is No-Code and WTF is the No-Code Fellowship?

Holly Brooks
June 27, 2023
No-code fellowship Startmate - learn the fundamentals

When most people hear the word “code” in a sentence, they think of a complex arrangement of GREEN letters, numbers, and figures trickling down like raindrops against a black backdrop.

It’s giving Matrix vibes.

Or maybe that’s just me?

If “code” is a mysterious puzzle of digital green rain, then WTF is “no-code”, how the hell do you use it, and Why TF is Startmate running a Fellowship dedicated to it?

By the end of this article, you will have all the answers to these pressing questions. 

What is no-code?

According to Connor Finlayson, an Internationally renowned ‘No-Code Guru’ and Startmate’s newest Fellowship Partner:

“No-code is a visual abstraction of code. No-code tools take the fundamentals of code and translate them into simple drag-and-drop solutions.”

In layman's terms, “no-code” allows anyone, regardless of their technical ability, to build on the internet.

Why no-code? 

Before no-code, websites and apps could only be built by programmers and coding wizards. 

That is a very exclusive group when you consider the fact that only 0.5% of the global population knows how to code. 

No-Code has one goal: remove these barriers and make building on the Internet accessible to everyone.

For the remaining 95.5% of the population, no-code has been pivotal in enabling people to build websites, develop apps, streamline workflows, manage customer data, integrate payments, and more. 

Here are some examples of popular no-code tools to get you warmed up:

  1. Webflow: enables users to design, build and launch websites quickly 
  2. Zapier: a workflow automation tool that takes care of time-consuming and repetitive tasks across all your applications
  3. Airtable: brings spreadsheets and databases together in one program, to make project management easy and intuitive
  4. Mailchimp: an all-in-one email marketing platform where you can conduct surveys, automate campaigns, and capture customer data
  5. Bravo: an app builder that allows you to convert Figma or Adobe XD designs into native apps for iOS and Android.

How do you get started? 

One of the biggest bottlenecks for entrepreneurs and creatives in the startup community is the tech side of a business, in particular: the coding barrier to entry.

If you’re from a non-technical background, building an MVP, website, or app can feel like an impossible task. 

Where do I start? 

Do I go down the coding route, and make a fully customisable product? But how do I do that? Should I hire a tech bro to build for me? How much would that cost? Where do I find them? 

What if it breaks or if we want to roll out new features, would we have to hire more people?

If I don't go down the coding route, what does that look like? How customisable can I be? How long does it take to learn this? 

*Searches Google* 

Yikes. Where do I even begin? There's too many youtube rabbit holes - I just want the basics first.

There are so many questions. And when you do some research you’ll find SO many answers. 

But what if you had a guide? What if you had someone who would show you the basics in a tried-and-tested way. Who’s built their own company from the ground-up using no-code tools. 

And what if that expert could help answer your specific questions? That way, you wouldn’t have to trawl through a myriad of videos to find the one answer you’re looking for.

Introducing, our partner in cri… no-code.

We have partnered with Connor Finlayson, founder, solopreneur, YouTuber, and No-Code expert to bring you a 6-week hands-on PRO-gram. (You’ll be a PRO no-coder by the end of this fellowship).

Connor is the founder of the Unicorn Factory, New Zealand’s largest freelance marketplace. 

And guess what?

It runs entirely on no-code. Wowza.

If you are seeking to learn the no-code fundamentals and get your MVP up and running, the No-Code Fellowship is for you. 

You’ll unlock the power of no-code tools and transform your ideas into reality. 

Check out our website for more details.

PS: We’ve got early bird pricing until 3rd July 2023 (11:59pm AEST).

Apply here

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