Anubhav Ghosh

Launch Ops

previously Launch Ops

What is your role at Startmate?

Launch Ops. Building Startmate 24/7. Also known as Mr “King of the Skies”.

Favourite Quote?
Favourite Book?

Factfullness - an amazing book with insights on how the world has improved over the past centuries and is getting better everyday!

What’s the first job you’ve ever had, and what did you learn from it?

Worked on my Art/Design businesses after high school. From cold calling to delivering artworks on my own!

What would be your alternative career?

Forest Ranger at Okavango Delta in Botswana. Always loved the idea about living in the wild and interacting with animals :)

Startmate Team
Phoebe Pincus
Chief of Staff
Ben Vickers
Head of Operations and Finance
Ryan Walker
Product Manager
Bronte McHenry
Head of Media
Brady Flockart
Head of Investments
Megan Woff
Head of Founders
Maisy Bennett
Head of Operators
Ewa Lobaza
Head of Partnerships
Euwyn Goh
Accelerator Associate
Cameron Ensor
Student Fellowship Associate
Renee Bibby
Operations Associate
Matthew Kolomyjec
Fund Operations Associate
Kel Spoerk
Women Fellowship Program Leader
Julia West
Program Leader
Ben Simai
Operations Associate
Cassie Arangio
Community Growth Associate
Akshat Pande
Finance Manager
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