7 of the most impressive no-code startups and operators in the Startmate community

Holly Brooks
June 27, 2023
No-code Fellowship - Startmate Community

With our No-Code Fellowship right around the corner, we thought it would make sense to spotlight some of the incredible community members leveraging no-code tools to change the world.

1. EntryLevel

EntryLevel is on a mission to empower 1 billion people to re-skill into a career they love by 2030. How, you ask? EntryLevel teaches students job-ready skills across a range of different disciplines in the tech space. For example, students searching for a career as a Venture Capital Analyst, Data Analyst, Growth Marketer, or UX Designer can complete a 6-week cohort-based course and walk away confidently with a portfolio of work. EntryLevel has already trained students in 182 countries around the world. What’s more, they offer a 100% cash-back guarantee for students who complete the course in the prescribed time. Wild.

Three reasons they are using no-code tools:

  1. Saves time – you can focus on stuff that matters
  2. It’s fun – you get to make cool things
  3. More creativity – the whole team can get involved and collaborate, which leads to better ideas

Founder/s: Ajay Prakash

Official website: https://www.entrylevel.net/

Category: EdTech

No-code tools used: Webflow, Tally, Typeform, Zapier, Airtable

Quote: Using no-code tools allowed for fast experimentation, which increased our conversion rates to above the industry standard at 10.58%.

2. Overnight Success

Overnight Success is a media platform that has one of the best newsletters around town. They are on a mission to strengthen the Australian start-up ecosystem by making it more accessible, transparent, and connected. Every Saturday morning, subscribers gain access to all the latest and greatest raises, milestones, wins, and challenges across Aussie startups and VC. Founded in 2022, Overnight Success already has 2200 subscribers (and counting) and is in the process of building a platform that will become a resource hub for founders, investors, and operators.

Three reasons they are using no-code tools:

  1. Spin up a cheap and fast MVP to validate an idea.
  2. Work fast and within constraints
  3. Keep operating overheads pretty low, can usually fix something if it breaks ourselves!

Founder/s: William Richards and Gemma Clancy 

Official website: https://overnightsuccess.vc/

Category: Newsletter

No-code tools used: Make, Beehiiv, Storipress, Webflow, Attio (CRM), Softr, Airtable, Stripe

Quote: No-code tools allow us to iterate, operate and manage our Overnight Success on a lean budget.

3. Layer Licencing

Layer is on a mission to create a world of more play (we like the sound of that!). They have created a marketplace for IP Licencing which enables the gaming industry to collaborate with the best brands, characters, stories, and more. When games work with IP from popular artists, brands, or franchises they can create interactive experiences that deliver unrivaled fan engagement and player experiences. They offer some killer IP ranging from A$AP Rocky, American Psycho, McLaren Racing, and Ozark. Epic. 

Three reasons they are using no-code tools:

  1. Build at the speed you can think, rather than at the speed you can explain your vision to someone. 
  2. Test things without spending money. 
  3. Early on, focus on the part that matters (customers) and whether you can turn random strangers into customers, rather than the inherent complexity of a product.

Founder/s: Chris Illuk

Official website: https://www.layerlicensing.com/

Category: Gaming

No-code tools used: Airtable, Stacker, Make, Intercom

Quote: There is no limit to what can be done with Airtable automations!

4. Tutero 

Tutero is an EdTech platform for students, parents, and teachers. They are on a mission to optimise every minute of STEM teaching and learning by offering 1-on-1 online tutoring services. Their innovative solution empowers teachers to map their students’ knowledge and craft personalised lessons to drive engagement. Since launching in 2022, they have already delivered 25,000 + teaching hours (and growing quickly) across Australia. In the pipeline, they have a math teaching assistant, which will enable teachers to deliver engaging and effective online math lessons.

Three reasons they are using no-code tools:

  1. Faster to develop
  2. Saves engineering time
  3. Easier to maintain

Founder/s: Joey Moshinsky, Richard Mathieson, and Sonny Moshinsky

Official website: www.tutero.com.au

Category: EdTech

No-code tools used: Notion, Zapier, Make, Raycast, GPT for Sheets, Super.io, Typeform, Webflow

Quote: We use a crazy amount of no-code!

5. Chillsy 

Chillsy is building the go-to social platform for making new friends IRL. They are on a mission to make the world a less lonely place by helping women make friends through shared experiences. Chillsy is for women who have moved cities for work and empowers users to create and attend small social dining events with people they could realistically be friends with. What. A. Vibe. 

Three reasons they are using no-code tools:

  1. You can quickly get something into the hands of your users to rapidly iterate with 
  2. Much cheaper than spending thousands of dollars to outsource development 
  3. If you have no previous experience with coding, it's the perfect entry point, as you don't need to write a single line of code!

Founder/s: Charizze Austin

Official website: https://www.chillsy.app/

Category: Social

No-code tools used: Glide, FlutterFlow

Quote: We used Glide to develop our MVP. It significantly decreased the time required to release an app from months to just a few weeks.

6. Zac Hardman

Zac Hardman has been tinkering with websites on and off for about 10 years but made the official switch to no-code 18 months ago. 

“I'm a full-time no-code developer at Blackbird (and since Jurassic Park Ranger isn't a real job I would say that this is the next coolest job in the world). At Blackbird, I run the tech behind our programs like Giants and Lilypad.” 

On the side, Zac is building Outdoor Gear Comparison, the world’s first hiking equipment directory. He also co-founded NoCode Australia in March 2023, the community for no-code developers, designers, and tinkerers in Australia (if you are reading this blog you should join).

Three reasons he is using no-code tools:

  1. You want to build an MVP to test a business idea without spending $100,000+
  2. You can't code but want to build a technical business like a webapp or mobile app
  3. Everyone wants a CTO. Most won't find one. Is this enough reason to let your idea die? If the answer is no, start building a prototype with no-code and go from there.

Founder/s: Zac Hardman

Official website: https://outdoorgearcomparison.com/

No-code tools used: Airtable, Memberstack, Webflow, Jetboost, Finsweet, Timothy Ricks Scripts, Relume, Whalesync, Pory, Framer, Softr, Bubble, WeWeb, Zapier, Make, Parabola, Figma, Canva, ResizePixel

Quote: No code, no worries

7. Shenal Harakh 

Shenal Harakh is a no-code developer and operations specialist helping businesses achieve efficiency and streamlining operations through technology. Her mission is to help more people start their business or creative journeys with friendly and relevant software.

“I love working with people who are building their very first tech products.”

Shenal’s clients are largely Australian startups. She also does a lot of pro bono work for Fijian entrepreneurs and creatives, including financial support for young Fijian women in STEM. Read more about her past work in this case study by Softr (one of the leading no-code platforms for building webapps (wow)). 

Three reasons she is using no-code tools:

  1. The ability to build fast - building fast gives you the time you need to work with users and collect data for your growth.
  2. Most no-code developers are not professional engineers but in fact ex-Founders or others with business experience. Meaning when you work with a no-code developer you're likely working with someone who truly understand your needs rather than just the technical elements.
  3. Predictability of your costs - using a subscription based no-code product means you have some predictability over your future costs.

Founder/s: Shenal Harakh

Official website: www.shenal.online

No-code tools used: Softr, Airtable, Bubble, Xano, YCode, and Zapier.

Quote: What I love about the no-code ecosystem is that everyone is supportive and invested in helping each other grow businesses and ideas. It's not just about the technical stuff. 

8. Bonus No-Code Platform: Pixel 

Bonus time! This one is actually a no-code tool that you can use. 

Pixel Together is the truly visual no-code website builder that allows you to easily build custom websites without coding. An intuitive drag and drop editor with familiar controls means that if you’ve used any design tool such as Figma, Canva or even Powerpoint, you can create a website with Pixel Together. Unlike most website builders, the Pixel Together editor is not locked into templates or rigid structures, which makes it much easier to create a tailored website for your brand.

Pixel Together comes with a wide range of features for your website, including animations, a form builder, video backgrounds, galleries, slideshows, parallax, light-boxes and more. The option to add your own custom code is also available if needed. All Pixel Together websites are hosted on world-class hosting with dual global CDNs for performance. The code generated is automatically SEO optimised, making it easy for sites created in Pixel Together to perform well and rank highly. Pixel Together are an Australian company based in Melbourne and provide highly responsive local and global support. 

Founder/s: Simon Moore

Official website: https://pixeltogether.com/

Quote: We're an alternative to Webflow (but easier to use) and we're also a Startmate company

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