Women Fellowship Associate

Phoebe Pincus
January 12, 2022
Women Fellowship Associate

Role overview

Startmate’s Women Fellowship Associate will play a truly unique and generation-defining role in shaping the involvement and representation of women in startups across Australia and New Zealand. They will be the face and heart of our Women Fellowship community, working internally to create a world-class program, and externally by representing the community at an industry level.

Our new Associate will be an emerging thought leader who is passionate about making a genuine impact on the lives of thousands of women across ANZ.

We're looking for someone who is bullish about the role women will play in building Australia and New Zealand’s futures, and will position the Women Fellowship as the default pathway for women who are searching for a more meaningful career. 

Key details

  • Apply here by 11.59pm on the 30th of January, 2022 AEDT
  • This is a full-time role
  • Salary range: $70-100k + super + equity
  • Reporting into the Head of Programs
  • This role is remote first, however, we do have satellite offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland 

Position requirements‍

Your background is less important than your key skills, which might include:

  • Excellent communication;
  • Highly organised;
  • Ability to influence and work cross-functionally;
  • Empathy; and 
  • The ability to move and learn quickly.

We’re looking for someone who is as passionate as us about making Australia and New Zealand the best places in the world to start a company. You must have a high ownership mentality and the ability to take responsibility for goals and outcomes.

Further information

What is the Women Fellowship?

The Women Fellowship is a pathway that helps talented women find their sweet spot in a startup. What this means in practice is a high-intensity, eight-week bootcamp that introduces women to the world of startups, teaches them about different roles, helps them identify their translatable skills and empowers them to find their dream roles. 

The Women Fellowship’s mission is to create opportunities for women from diverse backgrounds and experiences to enter startups, whilst challenging startups to think differently about where their talent comes from. 

Since 2019, we’ve helped more than 200 women to find their dream job in a startup.  And we are just scratching the surface - our goal is to 10x this over the next two years. 

You will love this role if…

  • You want to be at the very centre of startup activity in ANZ.
  • You love presenting and feel comfortable talking confidently to world-class founders, investors and operators.
  • You are passionate about diversity in tech.
  • You relish seeing others succeed. 
  • You want to take ownership of a program with proven product-market fit and scale it to the moon.

You wouldn’t like this role if…

  • You hate public speaking. You’ll be facilitating 25+ hours of sessions with some of the best and brightest startup operators in ANZ. Excellent communication skills are a must. 
  • Talking to people drains you. This is a very people-centric role. You have to love listening to and talking with people from all walks of life. 
  • You’d prefer to wear one or two hats. Our program leaders are shape-shifters and thrive on variety. 


“This has been a really meaningful, life-changing program that has opened up so many opportunities, networks, connections for me personally. I want other people who are feeling stuck in their careers to access fantastic support and hope through the Women's Fellowship.” (Anonymous)

“The Fellowship literally changed my life. It's AMAZING.” (Ellie Dowling) 

“I got so much value out of the Fellowship. I did it at a time where I was seeking change, but wasn't clear on what that change was. The Fellowship helped guide that for me. I learnt so much about myself and was then exposed to so many incredible companies and roles I never knew existed. Being part of a community of like-minded women was awe-inspiring, and incredible to have such an amazing network for support. I have recently landed a role that I would have never applied for, had it not been for the Fellowship. So, thank you!” (Annabel Dempsey)

“I think it's a must for any woman in her career. It gave me the clarity I needed and also expanded my horizons on what I thought was possible.” (Dianca Mitchell)

“I felt very connected and supported to the community. I feel a lot of confidence to move forward with my career and I know there are so many women who might feel disempowered within the startup space OR they might have hesitancy to make that leap.” (Georgie Northcoate)

Key readings

We’ve written a lot about why we love Startmate, so check out our blog if you want some more information, then dive into our mission, values, and team, and read about one of our most ambitious goals.

Working at Startmate

We believe that building a diverse and inclusive team is critical to Startmate’s success. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, or marital, veteran, or disability status. We use Applied to ensure every applicant gets an equal chance of success.


The Startmate community is a unique mix of founders, operators and investors — the one thing everyone has in common is ambition. Startmate is much more than just our team, it’s a community built on paying it forward.


You will have very high autonomy to realise your dreams within your area


We are a remote-first team with coverage across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Noosa and New Zealand. We currently have an office in Melbourne with satellite offices in Sydney and Auckland.


You get to work with every well known and less well-known Australian and Kiwi startup, VC and angel — Canva, Safety Culture, Propeller, Vend, Xero, Blackbird, Square Peg, AirTree, rampersand, Folklore — you name it!

Great vibes

Being able to bring your best self to work is really important to us. We index heavily on wellbeing and engagement to make sure that you’re able to turn up with energy and resilience each day.

A share of Startmate’s success

We think it is important to share successes with the whole team. All Startmate employees receive carry in our funds and are owners in the management company.

About Startmate

We’re making Australia and New Zealand the best place in the world to build a startup. We’re achieving that through building a platform that unleashes startup ambition and accelerates exceptional companies.

At our core, we’re a community of the most ambitious founders, operators and investors propelled by a highly-trusted mentor-driven community, and backed by the best angels, venture funds and tech startups in the region.

Over the past decade we have invested in 170+ startups, with a combined value of $2 billion.

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