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Holly Brooks
February 8, 2024
Summer24 Startmate Accelerator cohort

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One-liner: Carbonaught gives farmers the tools to turn rocks into carbon removing fertiliser to improve their margins by 65%. 

Carbonaught is revolutionising the global food system. By utilising basalt as a synthetic fertiliser replacement, they're making food growth far more efficient, not only growing more food but also doing it on less land, at lower cost, and with lower emissions. Carbonaught reduces fertiliser costs by up to 50%, and emission intensity by up to 80%. They aim to reengineer the way we grow food while helping farmers deliver profitable, low-emission agriculture. With a team boasting expertise in data science, engineering, machine learning, and geophysics, Carbonaught is set to make a significant impact.

📹 Overview page here

👋 Founders: Andrew Pedley, James Lyons, Scott Keenan

📍 Brisbane, Australia


One-liner: Reducing clinical documentation time by 80%.

Everbility is here to solve the time-consuming pain of report writing for allied health professionals. By cutting down report-writing time by a staggering 80%, this AI-powered co-pilot allows professionals to focus on what matters most. With a mission-driven founder and a team combining years of experience in disability support, occupational therapy, and product engineering, Everbility is the solution to streamline and improve the healthcare system.

👋 Founders: Angela Mariani, Mani Batra

📍 Newcastle, Australia

Graphics et al.

One-liner: We're empowering health professionals with live diagrams and animations to improve patient education, which cuts 55% of the $8b of preventable hospitalisations.

Graphics et al. brings simplicity to healthcare information. With this novel software, health professionals can create accessible diagrams and animations within minutes. Think of it as Canva for medicine, empowering professionals to improve health literacy and prevent unnecessary hospitalisations. Founded by an anatomist and graphic designer, Graphics et al. serves the specific needs of the healthcare industry.

👋 Founders: Chris Pymble

📍 Brisbane, Australia


One-liner: Keeyu predicts e-commerce order fulfilment issues and prevents 90% of online shopper complaints before they happen.

Keeyu is here to revolutionise the e-commerce post-purchase experience. Their centralised dashboard uses real-time data analytics to predict if an online shopper’s order will arrive on time or not, empowering customer support teams to prevent delayed orders and reduce customer complaints proactively. With a leadership team that brings together expertise in retail, technical development, and customer support, Keeyu is changing the way we shop. 

📹 Video intro here

😇 Keeyu syndicate

👋 Founders: Jevon Le Roux, Tahir Rauf, Tracy Godtschalk

📍 Sydney, Australia

Kite Therapy 

One-liner: Kite Therapy makes early childhood therapy more affordable and accessible by empowering caregivers to deliver therapy.

Kite Therapy’s mission is to reduce the cost of early intervention therapy by a whopping 99%, allowing families around the world to access timely support. With founders who are experts in the NDIS system and a team driven by passion and personal experience with autism, Kite Therapy is on a mission to change lives.

👋 Founders: Rachelle Dunstan, Matthew Morrison, Gregor Whyte

📍 Melbourne, Australia


One-liner: KiwiFibre is a harakeke fibre composite material, directly replacing carbon fibre in anything from race cars to snowboards, solving technical and environmental issues of global industries.

KiwiFibre turns plants into racecars. This is made possible through their regenerative fibre composite material that solves technical and ecological problems across global industries. From aerospace to sports equipment, they partner with manufacturers to turn KiwiFibre into products that perform better, at a fraction of the CO2 footprint. Their vision: to build a world where natural, renewable resources solve environmental problems and drive humanity forward. 

👋 Founders: Ben Scales, William Murrell

📍 Christchurch, NZ


One-liner: Learna is a microlearning app transforming how people learn, grow, and engage at work.

Learna is the go-to microlearning app for essential workplace skills and creating a culture of learning. By leveraging platform data, Learna provides valuable insights into an organisation's workforce, enabling individuals and organisations to learn and evolve. With the solo founder's impressive hustle and a user-centric approach, Learna is already generating revenue, proactively building its business, and is on a mission to transform how people learn, grow and engage at work.

👋 Founders: Lisa Lie

📍 Melbourne, Australia

NOA The Brand

One-liner: NOA brings wireless charging to any device, from small IOT to large autonomous robots, while delivering 10x more power, 30% more efficiently than current solutions.

NOA THE BRAND is disrupting the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) space with its next-gen wireless charging technology. By enabling wireless charging for industrial devices, NOA aims to reduce cable dependency and contribute to the global e-waste problem. With a highly skilled technical team and innovative patent-pending technology, NOA THE BRAND is set to transform how devices are powered.

👋 Founders: Arvin Bayat, Christel Hadiwibawa 

📍 Sydney, Australia


One-liner: We monitor the condition of train networks using sensors fitted on trains. Our first product monitors the overhead wiring and prevents up to 80% of major failures.

Telemattica is revolutionising the management of critical infrastructure through real-time data. Heavy industry customers can now detect problems early and deploy proactive maintenance immediately, all thanks to Telemattica's data-as-a-service product offerings. Their impressive pace, high margins, and customer retention rate make them a true standout in our cohort.

👋 Founders: Tim Vale, Tom George

📍 Sydney, Australia


One-liner: One rewards club for every restaurant, bar, and café, linked to your payment card directly on the payment terminal.

Venu is simplifying the world of rewards programs for the hospitality industry. Members link their payment cards directly on the terminal, earning rewards when spending across the network to redeem at their favourite locations. Venu aggregates customer tastes and behavioural data across the network to deeply personalise deals, rewards, and recommendations for each member – increasing average spend, driving repeat visits, and attracting new customers for businesses.

😇 Venu syndicate

👋 Founders: Kieran Gardiner, James McArthur

📍 Queenstown, NZ


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